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Why is lehenga saree in vogue these days?


The lehenga saree or the lehenga style saree is actually a fusion of two Indian ethnic attires. Here the lehenga and the saree are merged into an easy to wear the garment. This clever union makes it the most sought-after wedding attire this season.

Lehenga saree is actually a clever combination of the traditional Indian saree and the lehenga. Here both of them are merged into a single easy-to-wear outfit. It is a marriage of the elegance of the saree and the convenience of the lehenga. Here you can find the drape-around skirt of the lehenga and the pallu of the saree. The lehenga sarees are making waves across the nation right now. They are one of the most sought-after garments to be worn at a wedding ceremony or any Indian festival. The outfit adds a dash of glamour to your looks. It is the latest innovation of Indian ethnic wear.

The lehenga saree is the perfect choice for those brides who wish to buy a wedding lehenga with a twist. If you are bored of the traditional lehenga and wish to try some innovative ideas on your big day then draping in a lehenga saree is something worth trying. Here are the factors which made this attire so popular nowadays.

Easy to Wear

The lehenga saree is a convenient, easy-to-wear ensemble which is a favorite among the modern Indian women. It is semi-stitched and the length of the entire piece is around 4.5 m to 5.5 m. Since this party wear is easy to slip on it has been able to beat the load of a busy schedule of a modern woman who has to juggle multiple tasks at the same time. This is the choice able attire for those women who aspire to look good in a party but has little time to dress up.


Innovative Ensemble

The lehenga saree is considered an innovative ensemble of the traditional saree and conventional lehenga. The outfit is perfect for the fiercely independent women who realize the beauty and value of Indian craft remains in simple yet elegant designs. She knows that the trick to look glamorous lies in the balancing of ideas. The lehenga saree can rightly be said a bride’s dream and a designer’s vision.

The attire has three parts; the wrap-around skirt, the pallu and the blouse. Here the skirt can be stitched into various styles like flared, mermaid, A-line, etc. There are pre-made pleats on the skirt which makes it look very attractive. The pallu is stitched to the skirt at one of its ends. So, you just need to drape the skirt and put the pallu over your shoulder, it would magically transform you into a diva within minutes. The elegance and sophistication manifested by this attire are unmatchable. Sometimes the pallu may be sold separately with the skirt which makes it more similar to the lehenga. The top of the lehenga saree can either be stitched in the fashion of a choli or a blouse. Both are in vogue now. The style of the blouses can be anywhere between full sleeved ones to halter necks, deep neck ones, and backless blouses. Each style is unique and it gives the contemporary bride the much-needed break from buying a wedding lehenga


Available in a variety of fabrics

The lehenga saree is available in a myriad of fabrics like georgette, chiffon, jacquard looms, crepe, viscose blend, etc. It is a natural choice for those women who wish to bid goodbye to the heavy traditional ensemble and welcomed the easy silhouettes. This sort of fabrics is specifically used owing to their lightness in texture, fall, and malleability to gel in the intended shape.

Indian heavy bridal lehenga saree

Embroidery and Stitchwork

The lehenga saree comes in a number of variations in its design and embroidery work. You would find them in zardozi work, zari-gota work, jacquard weaving, stonework, resham work, sequins, paisley designs, and silver motifs in thread work. The border may have fancy Italian lace. They come in a myriad of colors, giving the wearer a plethora of options to choose from.


These are a few factors which have made the lehenga saree in vogue now. So this wedding season, take a break from buying a wedding lehenga and go for a lehenga saree instead.

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