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What to check while buying online wedding lehenga


Lehenga is the most delicate and popular bridal dresses worn by Indian women during festive occasions. It adds flavor to the glamour and beauty of the person wearing it. It is available in varieties of fabric, designs, and colors. In Indian marriage celebrations, for brides, lehenga is the most important thing that is noticed at first and people expect an Indian bride to have an eye-catchy and gorgeous bridal dresses. The lehenga shopping for weddings is done quite carefully, spending a lot of time and money after it.

People sometimes switch to the online shopping option for their wedding lehengas. They look into a lot of things before investing and ordering a lehenga online.

Here are some points to check while buying an online wedding lehenga: –

1) Budget: The most important point to keep in mind while purchasing a wedding lehenga online is the budget. If you keep looking for lehengas online, without putting any price filters, you may halt over a lehenga out of your budget and like it, but the fact that then you will have to go for a lehenga that does not give any competition to the one you liked will make you upset. You may also want to sacrifice some other things for the glamorous but pricey lehenga that you liked as it will raise your expectations. So, it is better to put up price filters according to your budget and then go online lehenga shopping.

m-reduce-savings-12) Surf all the options: As you keep scrolling for lehengas in the shopping apps, you tend to ignore some lehenga options. As a result, your search becomes limited to only a few varieties of lehengas. You may have a mindset of a particular type of lehenga that you want and you just keep scrolling for that particular kind. But, as you keep looking for that one variety, you may ignore the others and you may miss out on the latest trends and designs by ignoring other lehengas. It is better to introspect all the options. You never know which style may catch your eye!


lehenga 2


3) Size: It is an important aspect and a very important filter to apply to your search while looking for any dress online. Coming to lehengas, the shape of the blouse and the lehenga below should be selected according to your body shape. We have to check if the lehenga in the pictures provided online, is properly draped or not.

lehenga size

4) Check the style, pattern, and design: The next important point is to check what style, pattern and design the lehenga is of. There have been many fashion trends, we have so many options to choose from that we may often get confused. Like off-shoulders, cold shoulders and pastel shades are trending a lot these days and these trends may even be a treat to your eyes but you have to see if these trendy lehengas are really suiting you or not. If not these, you can always go for the simple lehengas along with contrasting accessories that will give you a sophisticated look. So, style matters a lot in such cases which will surely enhance your look.


5) Color and Length of lehenga: This point deals with the color and length of the lehenga. While searching for your gorgeous bridal lehenga online, you need to keep in mind your own body complexion and your height too. Overall, you have to keep your physique in mind. You should look for a silk, georgette or net lehenga with monochrome or any solid color by avoiding the lehenga trail if you have a short height. Similarly, you can look for a flared or long lehenga, having a brocade fabric, if you are tall.




6) The authenticity of the seller and refund policy: Last, but the most important point is to check if the seller is authentic and also if your chosen online wedding lehenga has a refund policy. There have been many fraud cases where people had ordered something and got a petty thing in return. These incidents do take place with sellers who are not authorized. If you order something online and do not find the desired order as same as the pictures, you can return it back and get a refund done. But some shopping websites do not have the refund policy. It is very important to check if a website has authentic sellers and rules for refund policy.

The bride and the groom are the main show stealers in any wedding celebration. The bridal lehenga or gown should be chosen with a free mind and a lot of time and patience as it is treasured and photographed the most. In order to have an extraordinarily beautiful bridal lehenga, you need to put in some efforts and time and follow the above-written points carefully.

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