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In this era of social media and smart phones, one celebration is gaining a great popularity and that is “Valentine’s Day”. This is celebrated on 14th Feb of every year. It is supposed to be a great day to express your love for your loved one.

This day is celebrated in honor of Saint Valentine. The Saint Valentine took a step and arranged the marriages of soldiers who were not allowed to marry. During those days, it was considered that soldiers are not meant to marry. They should not have a feeling of love as it makes them emotionally weak.

This celebration is very popular among youngsters. This is day is preceded by a week, with each day dedicated to an event to express the love. So, the Valentine’s Week starts from 7th Feb to 13th Feb and finally on 14th Feb is the Valentine’s Day. Let’s see the days celebrated before the d-day, that is, 14th Feb:

7Th Feb – The Rose Day – On this day, boy and girls who are in relationship, gift each other a Red rose as a symbol of love. This symbolizes the beginning of their lovedownload

8th Feb – The Propose Day – On this day, boy or the girl, proposes his/her partner for the lifetime commitment.

9th Feb – The Chocolate Day – On this day, the boy gifts his girl friend a basket of chocolate or a single bar of chocolate. They celebrate the acceptance of proposal on this day by gifting chocolates.

10th Feb – The Teddy day – On this day, the partners gift a teddy to each other as a memento. They can talk to teddy assuming it as their partner, till the time they get married.

11th Feb – The Promise Day – This day is meant to promise a lifetime relationship to each other and promise your loyalty towards your partner.

12th Feb – The Hug day – As the relation is strengthened and they have promised each other to be together forever, they decide to move a step further and hug each other. This event of giving your partner the right to hug you symbolizes that you trust his/her promise and loyalty.


13th Feb – The Kiss Day – The Kiss is more intense way of expressing love, than a hug. The partners get involved in a passionate kiss on each other’s lips. This is like a practice or rehearsal for the D-day. This helps the couple to break all the hesitations before the final day.

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14th Feb – The Valentine’s day – On this day, the boy and girl accept each other in entirety as a part of their life.

The teens wait eagerly for this entire week and do lot preparations to surprise or impress their boyfriends or girl friends.

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