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Ultimate Fashion Tips for Styling an Anarkali

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The beloved Anarkali has been in the fashion industry for ages now and what featured as a style staple for several women underwent a significant evolution to emerge as one of the leading Indian attires. An Anarkali suit is a combination of a long-flowy kurta and a tight-fitted churidaar that is complimented with either a stole or a sheer chunni. The dress is usually tight around the bust area and from below it, the flowy garment starts.


The plus point of wearing an Anarkali suit is that it compliments all body types. Women look amazing when an attire accentuates their femininity; this is exactly what Anarkali dresses do with fitting around the bosom area and narrowing the waist, it gives the wearer a regal look. With the variety of materials they come in such as satin, silk, cotton, lace, georgette, chiffon, etc., the choices of designs go literally endless. However, some fashion rules must be followed to highlight the glory of this attire. Abide by the following Anarkali styling tips and you should be the center of attention anywhere you go.

Style a stole or a sheer chunni

According to the look of your Anarkali suit, choose the dupatta wisely. A red Anarkali suit of georgette fabric would look gorgeous if paired with a contrasting sheer chunni. Similarly, a cotton Anarkali would look best when complemented with a cotton dupatta hung on one shoulder to reach below the knee. With the evolution of the Anarkali suits, the stoles and dupattas have had parallel changes; hence, trying different types of dupattas with various Anarkalis is recommended.


Unconventional dupatta draping styles

One of the latest keys to making your Anarkali nothing like the ordinary is to drape it in an unforeseen yet fashionable way. The draping style dictates the quality of your outfit immensely and suggests what sort of event you are wearing it for.

For instance, hanging one end of the dupatta on one side and throwing the other around the neck to fall behind is more of a day look and looks best with long sleeved loose Anarkalis. Other draping tricks include tying them on your wrist while wrapping it around your waist or even wearing the dupatta with the belt. There is no inhibition in trying out the draping styles as long as you are not overdoing it and failing at it.



Match statement neckpieces with plain Anarkalis

If your Anarkali is heavily embellished or exquisitely and compactly embroidered, then it should act as a statement piece for itself whereas the plain and simple Anarkalis require some dolling up. However, this does not give you the scope of undermining these suits as had it not been for these, then the statement neckpieces could not have been paired with Anarkali suits at all. Washed fabric designs found in contemporary Anarkali suits, blending color designs with minimum embellishments, solid and vibrant colored Anarkalis and others similar designs look ravishing when worn with tribal statement jewelry or contemporary neckpieces. Since Anarkali dresses require minimum adornments, there is literally no harm done if you choose to style these simple dresses with no ornaments at all. It is your style and you should choose how to govern it.



Replace the flats with pencil heels

The regal traditional shoes mostly come in flat footwear, however, the latest trends suggest that when an Anarkali suit is matched with complimenting pencil heels or high heels, the outfit gets an out-of-the-world makeover. As women might be well familiar with, heels were designed to highlight the curves of a woman especially that of the back arch and the bottom. Hence, the royalty of the attire is enhanced even more with high dusty heels or black heels and are sure to turn numerous heads.


Choose the necklines according to your body shape

One of the most necessary styling tips while sporting an Anarkali suit is to see which neckline goes with your body shape. Experts suggest that while a red Anarkali suit with a sweetheart neckline works best on an apple-shaped woman, V-necklines go best with an athletic build. If you have a pear-shaped body, then opt for a broad boat necked Anarkali as that shows off your collarbone and makes your shoulders look broader. Lastly, if you have an hourglass shape, then revel in it as you have the most coveted body shape of all. Although you can rock any neckline, the ideal would be the boat neck or round neck, that helps enhance your frame even better.



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