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Types of Banarasi Sarees One Should Make for Party Wear


Banarasi sarees are famous for its fine embroidery along with golden and silver thread work in it. It is worldwide famous and is highly in demand all throughout the year. These Banaras sarees are an ideal wear for the bridal marriages and for party wear. There are various designs and patterns on a different type of materials which are also available online.

One of the most demanding and most loved by the people especially the Indian brides is the royal color red. The royal red banarasi silk saree with silver embroidery work on it makes it the extremely demanding saree making it just the ideal for marriages and royal parties to attend. The fine and heavy embroidery work of silver in the full saree makes it look extremely elegant. This saree itself weighs much more and is simply perfect for the bride.

red-new-look-self-weaving-banarasi-silk-saree-m17166-ec5Another bold yet elegant color is the mustard yellow. Combination of mustard yellow with orange looks great with fair Indian beauty. This must- buy banarasi saree is of pure silk and is also best for party wear. The broad border of red and orange on yellow adds a flavor of extra elegance.

Banarasi-And-Silk-Saree-In-Mustard-Colour-SR2870422-A-1200x1799The banarasi sarees are mostly loved because of its fine embroidery that is done in the golden and silver thread. These sarees also come in bicolor with absolute perfect contrast. Royal blue and bold pink are one of the finest combinations which are most loved by the ladies and is mostly in demand. The zari work of golden thread in the corner of the saree along with the border that runs in golden makes it look elegant. The flowery parents on the saree with the contrasting colors on the flowers simply adds the glamour to the whole saree. It comes with a bold royal colored blouse.

Half-N-Half-Banarasi-Silk-Party-Wear-Saree-In-Royal-Blue-And-Pink-Colour-SR00502689-A-1200x1799Kanjivaram banarasi silk Saree is another variety that one gets while going to buy banarasi saree. This multicolored silk saree of violet and pink is simply the gorgeous one almost the all. The golden finely embroidered saree with long vertical designs on it is sure to be loved by all. The motif designs in the pink, as well as the violet, makes it the perfect wear for any party.

perfect-multi-colour-banarasi-silk-designer-saree-3091-800x1100While going to buy party wear sarees online, one cannot simply miss this extremely beautiful and gorgeous saree in the combination of black and cream color. A royal look by itself, one cannot deny commenting on the saree. The finely hand embroidered work on the border of the saree in cream on black will simply astonish anyone with its looks. The blouse too is extremely elegant with a combination of black and cream in it. The design of the blouse on the neck and the back adds the extra x-factor to the whole saree.

black-cream-wedding-wear-indian-half-saree-with-blouse-h16164-606Multi-colored is in the fashion. But this rainbow colored saree is one which should be chosen while going to buy party wear sarees online. The main advantage of this multi-colored saree is that it can go with any color jewelry and matching accessories. The silver border on the peacock-colored blue adds and glamour to the saree.

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