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Top Designs if You Love Designer Blouses


When your blouse comes with a special pattern and designs it is known as a designer blouse. They can even make a simple saree look magnificent and sophisticated. So, next time you go blouse shopping it is highly recommended to try out a designer blouse instead of the plain one your local tailor makes for you.

Wedding season is around the corner and everybody is busy shopping for the unique designer saree, blouse and the matching accessories. When you go for blouse shopping the modern designers recommends teaming up a designer saree with a perfectly fitting designer blouse. Not only would it add a dash of glamour to your looks, it would make you look sophisticated and stand out in the crowd.

A blouse is one such thing which can build or break your look. A perfect blouse with a rich fabric and cut that settles on your curves and edges of the body with an excellent finish, compliments your look and your structure. A designer blouse has the power to accentuate your curves and at the same time hide your structural flaws. They can be of different patterns like mirror work blouse, halter neck blouse, boat neckline blouse, off shoulder blouse, collar neck blouse, full sleeve bracelet blouse, etc. Each one of them makes you look grand and elegant. The designer blouse comes in high-end fabrics, myriad of colours, exclusive cuts and patterns and mind-blowing embroidery work. Here are a few patterns which are worth trying this wedding season.

• Mirror Work Blouse

The mirror work blouse has been in vogue for quite some time. It is popularly known as sheeshakari or abhala Bharat embroidery. In this type of blouse mirrors of various shapes and pattern are stitched on the blouse to give it an exclusive design and pattern. In recent times the mirrors have been replaced by reflective luminescent metal pieces of different shapes and sizes. This makes the blouse much lighter in weight and easy to stitch.

The mirror work blouse can come in various fabrics like silk, georgette, crape, cotton silk, and chiffon. They are used by the designers to make the blouse look royal and gorgeous. This type of blouse is ideal for parties and Indian festivals. You can pair a mirror work blouse with a mirror work saree or even with a plain saree of your choice. Extreme versatility is possible in mirror work and this is what has made mirror work blouse designs a trend in the fashion world. The mirror work blouse is a big hit in the fashion world this season. Here are a few collections for you to check out.

• Halter Neck Designer Blouse

The halter neck blouse is a perfect pick when you like to sport a stylish and trendy look. It is for those fiercely independent women who like to make a bold statement with her attire. This is the reason why the top notch designers are experimenting with various cuts and patterns on this blouse. The halter neck blouse has an international appeal; many Hollywood celebrities are seen sporting a halter neck top in international events. It is a big hit among the Bollywood heroines too. We have seen the actress taking the stage in many award ceremonies in a halter neck blouse. The halter neck blouse may also come with embroidery work to give it an ethnic touch. They can be made of various fabrics like silk, cotton silk, satin, georgette, etc. This type of blouse makes you look sleek in a bold design. Check out the latest collection of halter neck blouse.

• Boat neck blouses

The boat neckline blouse gives a stylish and elegant look to your attire. This type of blouse has been in trend for a long time. The boat neckline is equally favoured by the traditional as well and modern women. It can be paired with any type of saree to give a bold look. The boat neck blouses come in various designs, styles, and materials. They are the latest trend this wedding season. Here are a few options for you to choose from.

These were a few types of designer blouse which are in vogue now. Try them out in your next party and see the difference it gives to your look.

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