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The article takes a look at some of the important points that must be borne in mind while buying anarkali suits, so that they give you your desired look. Anarkali suits which are a very popular choice for party and traditional wear comes in a large number of variations and must be shopped with care and precision to details for best value.

Anarkali Suits – An All Time Favorite

Salwar Suits are ethnic attires that have been in vogue for eternity and seem to continue to be in trend for another eternity. Anarkali Suits are a popular category of salwars suits that are considered to be one of the best favourites of women for any type of party wear. These salwar suits with a flaring skirt and heavy embroidery work on the neck and sleeves hemline have a rather regal and royal look.


Anarkali suits are a hot favorite with women across the world and you can find a large number of brands from where you can buy party wear anarkali suits that will offer a large number of variations and choices at reasonable prices. Apart from various types of occasions and events you can also adorn anarkali suits for weddings and other traditional gatherings. Accessorized with right ornaments, these anarkali suits can give you a really gorgeous and princess like look for the party.

With so many choices in terms of the brands, the colors, cuts, fabrics, falls, embroidery patterns, you can be quite bewildered while you make the choice of purchase! Hence it is essential that you must follow certain basic guidelines while you buy party wear anarkali suits. These will help you to make the most appropriate purchase and give you your money’s best value.

Always Choose The Hue With Care

This is one of the most important aspects! you must be very careful while you choose a certain color. In most cases these anarkali suits come in solid colors. The best thing to do is to keep in mind the time when you will wear the gear (that is whether it will be in the morning or evening when you will be wearing the suit) and also very importantly your own skin tone or complexion. These are the aspects that will help you to buy the most appropriate shade that can give you a perfect look.

The Embroidery On The Bodice Must Enhance The Look But Not Your Width

More often than not, these anarkali suits have a heavy embroidery work on the front part of the upper bodice of the suit. The skirt is left blank in its endless material glory! While you are shopping for anarkali suits for wedding and for other purposes be sure to buy a suit where the embroidery work will enhance the look and not your width. This is specially to be taken care of by women who have a broader middle. You must go for embroidery that is sleek and stylish and done preferably on the immediate neckline and the sleeves hemline. Too heavy embroidery work on the torso or the frontal part can make you look broader in the middle.


Drape The Dupatta Well

Anarkali Sits are never complete without their dupattas. This is the thumb rule. Hence when you are buying these suits be sure to inspect the dupatta with care. The anarkali suits which come in solid colors minus any embroidery but have a heavily embroidered or printed dupatta are a sure show stealer. Never let such a piece go! These anarkali suits can be quite simply stunning when you side drape the dupatta and keep its open in full length. This look is actually quite in and can be tried for a large number of different public events and appearances. It has a glamorous and a sophisticated effect.


Work On The Sleeves

The sleeves are very important part of the anarkali suits. Some of these suits come with full sleeves style, where the sleeves are made out of net or other sheer material. You can also look for long sleeves that have a heavy embroidered look. They can give you a really stylish and sophisticated look. Such long sleeves are quite a fashion statement in their own right.

Accessorize Right

The main trick is to accessorize these anarkali suits well. This is one of the integral elements that can help you to complete your look well. Remember that if you are wearing heavy ear pieces then keep your neck free or just go for a slim stylish neck string. In case you choose to wear a statement necklace, go for bare ears. Otherwise the look could become too cumbersome.


On a final note it can be said that if you choose to go ethnic and yet comparatively stylish and simple in your look, you could easily ditch the sari or the lehenga choli for a more contemporary anarkali suit that can make you look like a dream vision!


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