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Choosing the right evening party gown can be quite grueling. We all deserve to look the best in parties and it is no sin if you have spent hours thinking what shall fit you aptly on the internet for the past few hours. Party gown selection involves many factors: the venue, the type of party, your body type, to name a few. Now before you again get into puddles of confusions and doubts, go through the ensuing points of consideration when choosing a party gown.

Make a Seamless Harmony of The Gown Color and Your Skin Tone

There is one simple way to look absolutely stunning: Harmonize the gown color with your complexion. You are either, cool tone or warm tone or neutral tone. In case of neutral tone, sport bright poppy colors like blue and orange or even green and red. The ones with cool tone can wear vermillion red, emerald green or mellow yellow colored gowns. Lastly, the ones of warm tones can flaunt tangerine, royal blue and sea green.

Consider your body type and style of the gown


The shape of your body plays a crucial role in long evening gown selection. The structure of the body will tell if you have to buy a tight or a loose gown. In cases of pear shaped and hourglass body statures, wear a gown that is A-lined. It tends to draw the focus on your arms and neck. For the ones with wedge figure, try flaunting floor length gown. If you are the one with a rectangular figure, wear sweetheart necks which give an illusion of curvy look to the body. V-shaped neck gowns are apt for the ones having an apple figure.

The kind of party

One of the main factors in considering the right evening party gown is the kind or nature of party you are heading to. Floor length gowns are appropriate for formal occasions; maxi gowns are best suited for cocktail parties. Heavy embroidered gowns are mostly recommended for weddings and receptions. Self satin gowns are best if worn on birthdays and casual office parties. Short floral gowns are favorable on occasions of baby showers or house warming parties. You can opt for gowns with plunging necklines, on an anniversary or promotion parties.


With the right party gown, you not only make a fashion statement, but even inspire others to set their feet in this game of fashion.


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