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Three Different Ways by Which Indian Designer Saree can be Draped

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The designer sarees of India are one of the best creations by the weavers of India. There are famous not only in India but throughout the world. The designer sarees can be found in silk, georgette, chiffon, satin, etc.

Saree is definitely the most sensuous and charismatic attire that India has gifted to the world. There are different types of sarees in India like the silk saree, cotton saree, georgette saree, chiffon saree, net saree, etc. The India Designer Saree can instantly transform any women to a diva. It brings in a lot of poise, grace and elegance to the lady wearing it.9fac382f77a6c1463e6f8746e0c38646

Saree draping is a form of art which cannot be learnt in a day. It requires a lot of patience and practice to master the art. We all know if it is not draped in an elegant style it can lead to horrendous wardrobe malfunctions. In India, the saree draping can be done in a number of ways based on the region, religion or the social background. Saree is truly the most versatile of all the ensemble that has been invented since time immemorial. Each type of saree draping is unique in their own way. Here are three different ways the India Designer Saree can be draped to transform you into a diva.

1. Nivi Style Saree Draping

The nivi-style saree draping is the most common and prevalent style of saree draping style in India. This form is famous not only in India but throughout the world. At many instances, many Hollywood celebrities have been seen adorning the designer sarees in Nivi style during their visit to India or during some special occasions in their life. Renowned figures like Oprah Winfrey, Naomi Campbell, Elizabeth Hurley and Madonna were seen adoring the saree in the nivi style.


The nivi-style saree draping is seen in entire north India, Eastern and Southern India. It is also the simplest form of saree draping. You can start the nivi style saree draping by wearing the matching blouse and the petticoat. The saree is tucked in the petticoat or the underskirt at the waist. It is a convention to start from the right to the left direction. The height of your saree should just reach the floor. Wrap the saree around your body once, now bring the other end over your shoulder. Make short pleats with the free end of the saree and secure it to the blouse with the help of a safety pin. Now you have to make pleats with the remaining part of the saree. You can try 5-7 pleats, each around 5 inches long to make the saree look perfect. Tuck it at the waist; use a safety so that the pleats do not scatter away.

2. Gujarati Style Saree Draping

The Gujrati style saree draping is famous in Gujrat and it is especially adorned by the women during the Navaratri festival. Here the pallu is not put over the left shoulder falling backwards. The pallu is displayed in the front so that the artwork of the saree can be exhibited to others. After you have arranged the pallu in the form of small pleats take it from the back over your right shoulder and let it display in the front. Use a safety pin over your right shoulder to fix the pallu. You can wear the designer bandhani saree or net saree in this way.


3. The Atpoure or Bengali Style Saree Draping

The Atpoure or Bengali Style Saree Draping is the famous style in West Bengal. This form of saree draping has been made famous by the popular Bollywood film Devdas. The female protagonist wore the saree in the atpoure technique and it became an instant craze during puja ceremonies and social events. The uniqueness of this style is it is draped with box pleats in the front. Here the pallu is gathered over both the shoulders. The veil of the woman comes from the back of the left shoulder at first and then again on the right shoulder. In many occasion, the Bengali woman ties a bunch of key to the free end of the saree to keep the pallu in place over the right shoulder. It signifies the command of the women in her house.


So, this was the three ways of draping the Indian designer sarees.

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