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The Benefits of Anarkali Dress as Popular Party Wear

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The ethnic wears of India are popular all over the world for their stunning designs, exclusive fabric, and vibrant colours. Among all the categories of ethnic wears, the anarkali suits in India needs a special mention. It is a popular party wear among the trendy modern women of India.

The anarkali dresses originated in India during the Mughal era. This beautiful salwar suit like dress is named after the famous courtesan in Emperor Akbar’s court with the same name. Akbar’s son, Jehangir immensely loved the beautiful lady and their love story is one of the famous romantic tales of India. Though the anarkali suits have been prevalent in India since time immemorial, it is only recently that this suit has been revived by the Bollywood actresses. Right now, it is a popular choice of party wear and Indian wedding dress.


The anarkali suit consists of a long frock-style suit or kameez with a churidar style slimly fitted bottom. A dupatta is also used along with this ensemble. In this dress, the length of the kameez depends on the artistic creativity of the designers. Some of them are knee length, some are asymmetrical and some of them may even be of floor length. The anarkali dresses are available in a wide variety of fabrics like the silk, georgette, satin, cotton, etc and embellished with different types of embroidery work like zardozi, chikankari, phulkari, zari or appliqué work. If you wish to buy anarkali dress online you can log in to the websites of popular fashion portals. Here is a write-up to discuss the popularity of this beautiful Indian wedding dress.

1. The Anarkali Dress Makes a Great Style Statement

The anarkali dress can instantaneously bring in a lot of poise, charm, and glamour to the lady wearing it. The absolute ethnic look of this outfit is simply mesmerizing. The anarkali suit can make you the centre of attraction in any party due to its gorgeous designs and stunning embroidery work. It makes you look effortlessly beautiful. Since the suit itself has a lot of embellishment, the fashion pundits do not advise to wear heavy neck piece with them. But a designer, heavy earring goes perfectly with this ensemble. A small but stylish clutch is a must-have accessory with this grand suite. So, it can be said that the stylish anarkali suit makes a great style statement for every party.


2. Anarkali Dresses are Available in Different Styles

The anarkali dresses are available in a large number of varieties. Some of them may come with an external jacket, some are crafted with an extra number of layers, some have floor length kameez and some comes with asymmetrical hemlines. Each of them has a style of their own. The uniqueness of the anarkali dress is portrayed by many famous Bollywood actresses at different award functions or any other social events.

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3. The Anarkali Dresses are Budget Friendly Party Wear

When you compare the price range of the Indian party wear sarees and the anarkali dresses you would find that the later outfit is a much more budget-friendly option. Though the anarkali dress makes you look like a diva in any party it does not bore a hole in your pocket when you decide to buy them. You can login to any popular e-portals of fashionable outfits to be flooded by a large number of anarkali dress online. When you check out their prices you would be astonished to see the value they offer for your hard-earned money in comparison to any other designer dress collection.


4. Available in all Sizes and for all Body Types

The ready-made anarkali dresses are available in different sizes so that the women with all types of body shape and size can enjoy wearing them. They help to hide the flaws of your figure and accentuate the body curves in the right quantity. Moreover, it takes very less time to get ready in the lowest possible time for any party or social event when you opt for the anakali dress.

anarkali suit shape1So, this was, in brief, the benefits of anarkali dresses as popular party wear

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