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Smart Ways To Drape Fancy Sarees When You Are The Hostess


Sarees are some of the most beautiful and also dependable choices for a lady to dress up when she has to act as a perfect host. This is attire that can be chosen by anybody, irrespective of whether you are the guest or the host. It has often been said that a saree brings out the beauty of a women best.

A saree can be draped in different ways and each of the different drapings of a single fancy saree can create different looks. The pallu plays an elemental role in the draping of the saree. Hence to create different looks with a single fancy saree you need to drape and exhibit the pallu in a different manner.

Classic Pleated

This is the most simple yet one of the most common ways that you can drape your saree. The saree needs to be draped in a regular way. The pallu is neatly arranged into pleats and then it is pinned up on the shoulder. This is a very stylish look yet can go for all types of occasions. This way the saree and its pallu remains highly manageable and also the intricate designs and the motif of the saree can be exhibited with perfection.


Tied Loosely At Waist

This is one of the most recent styles and trends that are doing the rounds in the market. Highly fashionable in its look this is a perfect way of pleating the saree if you wish to exhibit your waistline.


Border Width Pleats

One of the other ways that you can drape a fancy saree is by doing a border width pleats. In this type of pleating, you must create the pleats of the width of the border or the saree as stitched to the pallu. An idea saree for this type of pleating will be one that has a heavy border. The width of the border must also be a big one so that the pleats can be arranged in a neat manner. In order to drape the saree like this, you must ensure that you wear a designer blouse that will have a long hemline and will reach up to your lower midriff.


Drape Around The Neck

In this type of drape, all that you need to do is pleat the pallu in a neat manner. See to the fact that the width of the pleats is neither too large nor too small. Then you need to drape the pallu around the neck. You can secure the drape with a nice broach at the point where the pallu will cross itself at your neck. Wear a designer blouse for the perfect look.


Narrow Pleats

This is a highly bold look and also requires very clean pleating and pinning of the pallu. The pallu has to be pleated with a narrow width. This then must go up your shoulders and must exhibit the whole of the blouse or the choli. This is the perfect way to drape the fancy saree if your blouse is the highlight of your attire.


Gujarati Seedha Pallu

This is one of the simplest yet popular ways of draping a fancy saree. The pleats and the pallu will come from the back and will be exhibited in the front. This is one of the best ways to exhibit the pallu if it has the maximum amount of thread work of your saree.


Finally, it can be said that draping a saree is an art. Along with the aspect of looks and fashion, you must also bear in mind the element of comfort. In case you are not comfortable in what you are wearing the elements of style will never emerge truly.

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