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Rock at Wedding Parties Even During Winter


Weddings are a special occasion for all Indians. Whether it is the wedding couple or the guests, each person has to dress up elegantly and look their best at weddings. But during winter, it becomes a little difficult to select the attire for yourself because you must stay warm as well. So here are some effective tips for the ladies out there: who wants to stay warm look fashionable at the same time despite the winter chills!

Winter certainly becomes a damper on moods when it comes to weddings. This is because your lovely dresses and adorable lehengas will get hidden from sight by the overcoat or the sweaters that you’ll have to wear for staying warm. You might often find yourself struggling with what’s important: looks or health. Unfortunately, it is health who generally wins the debate and you’re left with compromising. Now no more compromising! Look stunning despite the harsh weather with these tips on what to wear in winter weddings and create a sensation around you!

lehenga weddingFashionable Full Sleeves

This is an excellent way to look beautiful while keeping the cold at bay. You can wear a full-sleeved ethnic churidar or anarkali or blouses with sarees or use a pashmina shawl to stay warm. You may also wear thermal leggings in case your sari is made of georgette.

ANARKALI SUITFull sleeves will surely keep you warm while making you look attractive at the same time. If you can have designer blouses then even better.

Choose your fabric wisely

Another thing to be kept in mind while selecting wedding attire during is the fabric you opt for. You got the fabric right; you’ve covered up the basic question of what to wear in winter weddings. During the cold months, it is best to not wear cotton dresses or outfits. You can wear something made of velvet, it can be lehengas or saris but velvet fabric will keep you warm while giving a royal shade to your outlook.

lehenga for weddingIf you’re wearing western clothes

In case you’re wearing western clothes, then you can opt for leather trenched coats or printed designer jackets for staying warm. Moreover, if you’re planning to wear a dress then maybe you can team it up with leggings. In any case, it is advisable to avoid very short dresses or mini skirts during winter. Even if it’s made up denim or leather, you can always pair it with thermal leggings to sport your fabulous looks!

You might even opt for wearing khadi stoles to pair your dresses with!

western leather jacketLayered dress

Another way to keep out the cold while looking fashionable is to layer up your dress. Of course, you can’t just pair up randomly. You’ll have to pick and choose carefully. Nowadays, if you look into the latest trends you can see fashion models coupling up jackets and shrugs with traditional outfits. You can bring this to your advantage while dressing up for a wedding during winter months. You may even layer up with a pashmina shawl if you want.

In case you’re wearing a jacket make sure it has some warm padding and that it is trendy one. The last thing you’ll want is to wear a jacket that clashes with your dress. Similarly, if your jacket complements your dress but does not offer you protection against cold then you might fall sick. Thus both of these situations should be avoided as much as possible.

double layer anarkaliTry to stay warm

The occasion offers you to eat and drink at wedding parties. This might prove to be beneficial to you! You can do so by opting to drink hot beverages offered during winter weddings. Or even if you can’t drink too much you can still hold the hot cup in your hands. That also helps in spreading of the warmth while you’re enjoying the occasion.
There is another way to beat the cold. In many Indian weddings, there is a custom of dancing! So if you are fond of dancing then go ahead because that will also help you in getting flushed and warm.

coffeedancingDon’t forget the shoes!

The shoes are what complete our outfit. So you cannot forget them at any cost! Now for weddings, you may want to wear something really fashionable but remember one thing: in winter you can’t afford to leave your feet as open as you’d love to unless you want your feet to go numb with cold. So it’s best to couple up shoes with woolen socks.
You can wear pumps with heels or stylish boots (with western attire) to match your dress. Always remember, your shoes should also complement your dress!

shoesSo now you know the basic tricks of what to wear at winter weddings and flaunt your looks with ease. So go ahead and start shopping and planning for your wedding parties!

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