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The mainstream party wear sarees include either the embroidered lace designs or that of heavy traditional embellishments. Remember the 80s when sleek Indian sarees were in vogue and women literally used to drool over the styles? Word in the fashion industry suggests that the past is back in vogue and that with a few contemporary twists, similar party wear saree looks could be created with designer blouses.

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No matter how much you splash modernity into a saree, it is near to impossible to get rid of its ethnicity. Maybe this is the reason why severe attempts to modernize the saree look are looked upon as fashion fails. Moreover, with the royalty of saree why would anybody want to give its ethnicity a makeover altogether? Implementing fabulous styling ideas to create exclusive fashion looks is what should be aimed while playing with ideas. Check out the following fancy saree looks with designer blouses to pep up an occasion like never before:

  • Embellished or sheer blouses with vibrant sarees

While the early 2000s reviewed the pop colors as too tacky since 2016 the color concept is back in style. Sheer is all about sass and boldness, hence, opt for metallic shades when sporting this saree look. You could add little bits of embellishments; however, camouflage sheers are now all over the trend that display delicate sheer works that are hard torealize.


  • Don’t match your blouses, contrast them!

A major part of Indian wear dictates that you have a lot of scope to experiment with the styling quotient. The cotton sarees with almost no embellishments or embroideries, when paired with solid pop colored blouses produce results as regal as it could get.


  • Sarees with shirt-blouses

Another creative idea would be to cut your regular shirts to form stunning blouses out of them. Popular among the youngsters, this fancy saree look is centered on the street-fashion and has been taken up by several college-going girls as well.


  • The ultimate lace looks

Do you wish yourself to look the classiest and high fashion possible? Then adopt the full lace look of designer blouses to rock a party you are hosting! The look is entirely based on the simplicity and the effortless works implemented to create it, however, it is hard to divert eyes from the walking sass as you lounge around in the black or pink lace blouse with a narrow pallu.

kajal in lace work saree blouse


  • Jute sarees with halter neck blouse

Hearing the name, we are immediately reminded of Mandira Bedi’s statement halter neck looks. As an ideal traditional party wear, let the blouse add the western touch while the saree fabric like chanderi, jute, etc., takes care of the traditional side of the outfit.


  • Backless chiffon blouse with a chiffon saree

With this look, either you could pick a plain chiffon saree or a mildly embroidered one as the backless chiffon blouse takes care of the attention. If your neckline has a high-neck style then no neckpiece is needed at all. Match it with styling stilettos and hit the dance floor!


  • Quirky blouses with pop-coloured sarees!

Why not heighten the crazy level when experimenting the 2017 party wear saree looks. Go on and add some quirk like cartoons, whimsical patterns or other such eye-widening prints, to your blouse. Match them with equally vibrant saree and go out for a day-party.


  • Nude sheer sarees with embellished pastel blouse

Aim for a short blouse look with the sheer nude saree with tiny embellishments. This outfit stands out more prominently on girls with a petite make. Orange, yellow, cyan and mauve pastel shades are ideal for the nude saree. Make the look consistent by throwing on some complementary jewelry and you are all dolled up for a traditional evening party.


  • Raw silk saree in gold with a black blouse

Where to wear this outfit if not a party. The raw silk saree is enough to reflect the lights and make you look all revved up for the fun. Complement the look with a bold black designer blouse with preferably long sleeves.


  • Dhoti sarees with sheer blouses

The sheer blouse matched with the dhoti saree would help enhance the unconventional pleating style. Grab a glittering clutch if the saree is a monotone or two-toned color, and wear traditional flats to make the outfit stand out.


  • Designer velvet blouses with beautifully bordered georgette sarees

Just when you presumed velvet is out of the window, comes 2017 with its implementation of velvet fabric in almost anything it could lay its hands on. The designer velvet blouse if found with intricate embroideries would do justice to the party you are hitting after hours.



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