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Net Sarees – A New Trend For New Brides


In a woman’s life, wedding is the most important event and they plan for their wedding dress since their childhood. Among Indian brides, saree is the most popular choice when it comes to bridal wear. To make this look simple and comfortable net sarees are absolutely winning the hearts of the brides of this era.

A net saree can enhance the beauty of a bride and can complement her figure in the best way possible. Whenever we think about bridal attire, we think about something heavy but surprisingly these net sarees are almost weightless because of the light textured material which makes it very easy for the brides to carry the attire. Changes are taking place in every sphere, so does in bridal sarees- modern brides love to experiment with their dresses. Amongst other wedding designer sarees, the gracious, semi-transparent and beautiful net sarees have taken a place in the brides’ heart. Now the beauty of the saree is only expressed if it is draped in the perfect way- so here are some tips:-


• Pleats:-

Even if you feel comfortable in pleated pallu, as a bride you should get away with this idea. To enhance the look and to showcase the designs on the pallu, just throw the pallu over the shoulder in a way that the flowy portion must cover the arms and the bosom. A bride in a net saree looks elegant if the pallu is not pleated. Even after that if you want to make pleats, make them beforehand for best results. To complement your wedding look, attach a gorgeous brooch to your pleats.

• Select the Petticoat Carefully:-

The bride is always the center of attraction of a wedding and so is her saree. If you are choosing a net saree for your D-day you have to be very careful while buying the petticoat for it as the net saree is completely transparent and the petticoat gets visible through it. Usually, we just buy the cotton petticoats with matching colours with the respective sarees but for a net saree, the preferable material for petticoat is satin as the shiny finish enhances the beauty of the net saree more.

• Blouse with Good Fittings:-

A saree is nothing without a well-designed and tailored blouse and for net sarees, you have to be more cautious. For your wedding net saree, you must choose a blouse which goes with the saree, has good fittings and design and which has hooks at the back only- all these because the see-through net saree makes the blouse completely visible. So, the apparent flaws like flabby portions and tires must be covered with the blouse. Most of the wedding designer sarees come with designer blouses.

• Right Length:-

To make the bridal look perfect and add an oomph factor wear the net saree from the right length. If you have a toned and smooth navel and no flab and tiers, drape it from below the navel showing the smooth navel and the midriff. If you are not confident enough then tie it above the navel but not a way too high.

• Minimum Make-up:-

Brides of this era do not like flashy and loud makeup and they prefer simple and minimal make-up. Too garish makeup is not suitable for net sarees and avoids that to make the grace and gorgeousness of the saree speaking on behalf of you. Go for the coverage makeup to hide most of the flaws and imperfections of the skin. Try to give your look a matte finish.

• Accessories:-

Choose your accessories wisely according to the colour and design of the saree. Do not over done yourself with heavy ornaments- they will take away the charm of the net saree.

• The Right Heal:

Makeup and ornaments are not everything for a bridal look, you must also wear the correct heals to complete the look. Though most of the brides prefer to wear stilettos and high heels, a net sari is best accompanied with kitten heals- kitten heals to increase the height a little but doesn’t make the bride feel uncomfortable.

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