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How To Dress For Your Body Shape in Indian Dresses

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There is no alternative to the various Indian dresses and attires when you decide to dress for any special occasion. However to do complete justice to your look, it is essential that you must have a complete awareness of your body type. Each one of us has a certain shape and body contour. Only when you choose the correct cut and fabric that your look wills standout amidst a crowd.

Let us take a look at the various types of human body shapes and the kind of clothes that they should be wearing to look their best.

Hourglass Body

This is the most perfect shape that is considered to be fit for all types of dresses. If you are lucky enough to have an hourglass shaped body then you are some of the lucky few. People who have an hourglass glass shaped body will have a narrow waist and hips and shoulders with same measurement. This is a type of figure that is often considered to be really curvaceous and one that can pull off any look with elegance. From western clothes to elaborate Indian wedding dresses, you can wear it all.


Apple Shaped Body

In this form of figure shape, you will have a prominent bust. People with this type of figure have broad shoulders and a broadtorso. However they have slim and well toned limbs, which kind of balance the look. Women who have such a body shape must go for straight cut clothes. Do not wear clothes that are clingy at the waist line. You can wear stiff fabrics like silk and georgette. This helps to give a proper tone to your body and help you look slimmer.


Rectangle Body

If you have this type of a body shape then you must wear A lined cut straight floor length gowns. Women with this type of body type often lack curves. An illusion of curves can be created with the help of single cut dresses and gowns. You can also wear deep necklines. This also creates and illusion of curves. Additionally in Indian wedding dresses you can wear lehengas that will have faltering skirts that will be made out of stiff material. You can also wear clothes with dark colors. This can help you to develop a curvaceous look.

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Pear Shaped Body

Women with this type of body has a broader waist as compared to their shoulders. Such type of figures can pull off any type of clothes yet again. You can wear great floor length body hugging gowns and dresses. You can also wear skirts and blouses and also Lehenga cholis. This helps you look well toned and perfectly balanced.

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When you wear Indian clothes or any other type of clothes the aspects of fabrics and that of colors happens to be very important. If you have a broader middle it is imperative that you must wear clothes that should not have much accentuation at the middle. This will make you look broader. Hence while choosing Indian attires ladies with a broad middle, look for solid and dark colors that will have embroidery on the necklines, hemlines of the sleeves and preferably the hemline of the skirt. This will accentuate the look, will give you a heavy and jeweled appearance and will get you ready for any type of elaborate traditional gatherings.

If you have a broadtorso, you must also abstain from wearing very heavy neck pieces. This attracts attention to the bust. The best thing to do is to wear heavy and elaborate earrings so that the look is complete and gorgeous. You can also add nice mangtikas and bangles.

All you slim girls can look for skirts that will have a stiff material. You can also go for skirts that have multiple layers. This will give a flared look to the skirt that will make your hips look broader than they are. This is the perfect way to accentuate the curves of your body.

If you have a belly flaps then go for long blouses that will reach up to your hips. This is one of the best ways to conceal belly fat. Use the duppatta drape again for better effects.

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