We came across best movie based on sports till date recently. It is none other than Dangal. This movie has class but is made for masses. A true story of a wrestler father, who has dedicated his entire life to the very own Indian sport called Wrestling (Kushti). That great wrestler, coach and father is none other than the Mahavir Singh Phogat. He is one of the great wrestlers in Indian history. This movie is a tribute such a great person. He empowered his daughters and trained them to win Gold medal for the nation, where girls are looked down upon dangal
dangal 2

This movie is full drama. It has emotions and is very inspirational. It shows the struggle of the daughters of Mr. Phogat (Geeta and Babita), when they were on their way to achieve great success. This is the story of a wrestler Mr. Mahavir Singh, who was very successful wrestler and wanted to have boy as a child. So that he may train him to continue his legacy. But, he was blessed with daughters instead. He spent a lot of years thinking that his dream was shattered, until he came to know that his daughters thrashed a boy in the street because he was abusing them. With this incident, he realised that his daughters are no less than a boy and he started training them. And, the story continues with the struggle and the success his daughters achieve, and, finally they win the Gold medal for the nation.


The character of Mahavir Singh is played by Amir Khan and Geeta and Babita are played by Fatima and Sanya respectively. The hard work and dedication each department is well exhibited in movie. The writer, the director, everyone involved in this movie has worked really very hard. And, above all, it is nurtured by Mr. Perfectionist – the Amir Khan.


Now, let’s talk about business. This movie is considered as second highest money maker on Day 1. It has earned Rs. 29.78 crore on day one. This movie was released across India in more than 4000 screens. Apart from Rs. 29.78 crore, this movie has earned 59 Lakhs from its Tamil and Telugu dubbed versions. But as the time passed, its collections increased and now the movie is termed as the highest grosser ever. It has left behind the great hits such as Bajrangi Bhaijaan, PK and Sultan. Its total collections as on 16th day were around Rs. 330 crore.



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