Fashion Statements At Met Gala 2019

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art Gala is an event when the best of the best of the fashion and the artistic industry is gathered under the same roof. This has been a global fashion tradition now for many years and has some of the most noted fashionistas of the world flocking in the same place. This is an elite affair that marks the latest launch of the Museum.

Met Gala 2019 took place on May 6th and invited some of the most noted global celebrities. Just like every year this year too the party has a theme inspired from 1964 Susan Sontag’s essay ‘Notes on Camp’ which is responsible for making the concept of ‘Camp’ a mainstream affair.

Several celebrities have attended the affair donned in some of the most extravagant fashion creations that have left the paparazzi and the rest of the world gaping and hoping for more. Clearly, the fashion statements made by the celebrities on the event are more than outrageous and daring, making the rest of the world harbor various and mixed reactions from being awestruck to be totally taken aback.

The Fashion Interpretation

Amongst the likes that endorsed the occasion prominent names were those of Harry Styles who came in a black jumpsuit – a Gucci creation, Lady Gaga with an exaggerated theatrical creation of a voluminous pink dress created by Brandon Maxwell. Lady Gaga later stripped into a black gown and into a pink slip dress later to the end the show with a show of her crystal bra and panties. Rapper Cardi B came to the event on an outrageous burgundy gown that had a full quilted circular train around it. The gown was designed by Thom Browne. Celine Dion the eminent singer came to the event dressed in Oscar de la Ranta.

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Katy Perry came in a Moschino’s Jeremy Scott creation looking like a life-sized chandelier adorning electric candles and styled with crystals. Zendaya came to the event dressed as a fairytale princess in a Tommy Hilfiger gown. She came dressed as a modern age Cinderella. Out of all the guests to the event actor Billy Porter made the most dramatic entries where he came dressed in a golden skin fitting attire and was carried in a royal style by six shirtless men. He looked like an Egyptian Pharaoh right from the pages of a history book.

Katy Perry


The different designer clothes worn by the guests to the event cleared framed the fact that fashion at Met Gala 2019 was just as much about drama as it was about style. The quotient of following the theme of the evening depended entirely on the interpretation made of the theme.

Deepika Padukone – In A Metallic Pink Barbie Dress

Pink seemed to be the color of the evening with so many celebrities wearing the shade to the event. However, it was Deepika Padukone pink Barbie dress that made head turn like no other. This Indian actress adorned the even in a Zac Posen creation. This overstated gown by Zac Posen had a dream like flaring skirt with multiple layers. This creation seemed to be a perfect mesh between the Disney and the Barbie characters.

The 2019 Met Gala Celebrating Camp: Notes on Fashion - Arrivals

The dress has 3D embellishments on it that gave it a definite character on its own. The layered skirt had 408 of sea urchin-like embellishments stitched to it for the final effect. The sea urchin-like embellishments was created through a technology of 3D painting, called stereo lithography, where layers of liquid are used to make up a shape that is later solidified with the help of a laser. Once the embellishments get solidified, they get metal coated and painted for the final look.

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Deepika completed the look with a high voluminous ponytail that gave her extra height and matching accessories. The blush look from Deepika has set the radars of fashion for the event really high and the world and the fashion world cannot wait to see her looks in the next red carpet.

Met Gala has always been a spot where the whose’ who makes their fashion statements with a bang for the rest of the world to see and this year it has been no different.

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