Everything You Wanted To Know About Ladies Footwear


All you ladies out there, if you are really serious about your fashion, then along with your clothes, accessories and make, there is yet again another aspect of your look that must be handled with a lot of care – your footwear. Choosing the right footwear happens to be integral for a stylish and coherent look.  Hence please be very careful in terms of the shoes and the sandals that you choose to match with your attire.

The article will elaborate on the various styles of ladies footwear that are doing their rounds in the market and the kind of mix and match that you can do to stay in the fashion game of the contemporary times.

Sandals for an Ethnic Look

Now all you Indian women out there inspire of your intense love for all the western wear, the importance of the ethnic wear can never be negated. After all for traditional occasions like weddings, ceremonies to do with religious festivities and other traditional events there can never be a better gear than a flowing elaborate Indian wear. Now to go with these Indian attires you always need a pair of sandals or jutiis that will complement your heavy Indian wear to perfection.


The motif or ornamentation work is done with colored beads, mirror work, zari thread work and also different types of sequin work can go just brilliantly with your different ethnic traditional dresses.

Sandals for Casual Wear

In the current times when women need to stay outdoors for hours at a stretch for their work, along with fashion there is another very important aspect that rulers their mind when they are shopping for their footwear. This is one of the aspects that are also evident in the designs of the sandal for girls in the recent times. The market trends do reveal the fact that the felt sandals are more in demand in the current time as compared to the high heeled ones. These flat sandals are designed after different styles like the Punjabi juttis, the gladiator sandals and also the simple kolhapuri sandals.

black sandal

At the time of buying such sandals for girls, you must keep a couple of things in your mind

  • Always buy a pair of sandal that has a snug fit, however not very loose though. Again it must not cut into your skin. In case you are not comfortable in your footwear then it could lead to other health hazards in the future.
  • If you need to go out on dusty roads it is best that the most part of your feet is covered. This will protect the skin of your feet from different types of hazards.
  • Please be very sure of the inner and the outer sole of the sandal that you are buying. This is imperative for the health of your feet.
  • Yet again do not buy genuine leather sandals or shoes if you have a sensitive skin. Although people say that a genuine leather sandal or shoe can give better lasting but it can also give you lasting skin problems.
  • Do not change your sandals very often if you have sensitive feet.

Western Footwear for Girls

Having said all that about the sandals for girls we now come to the aspect of the shoes for the girls. Whenever you sport your western gears, there could never be a better option for your footwear but a pair of shoes for girls. These shoes often come in the form of pumps. These pumps could either be in flats of they could also sport the deadliest of heels. There could also be a huge variety of the hells such as block heels, pencil heels or the simple two and a half inch heels which are the regular ones.


Pencil Heels

It is always clever to use a dark hue of such shoes as they get lesser dirty. Again there can never be a better match than a black shoe for a girl. However, you can also choose from the other variants such as tans, browns and buff colors. Choose fiery red hues for sexier look.



Even if you are an ardent fan of closed pumps, it is wise to point out that wear them for long hours can be a strenuous job. Hence it is wise if you go for the toe peeps. These are a design of ladies footwear where a part of your toes is left open. This helps your feet to breathe throughout the day.

brown shoes

Apart from them if you are a serious fashion buff then you can also go for the high ankle boots or even the gladiator shoes for girls, which can be worn with skirts best.


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