Ethnic Fashion

Ethnic is Beautiful When You Go for the Gorgeous Lehenga or Ghagra Choli


“Dress will always quote our beauty”. Now, lehenga is one such example of a dress. Lehenga, an Indian dress has reached people globally. This age old beautiful attire traveled a grand expression on the purplish existence of the Mughal melodic line to a darling answer regarding Indian women for any occasion.

What’s the difference?

The lehenga choli is symbolical of Rajasthani cum Gujarati dressing. Apparently there is no difference between a lehenga and a ghagra except for the fact that the lehengas have tight fitting that enhances the shape of a woman.

lehenga choli

On the other hand, Ghagras have loose fitting, mostly worn more as a casual or comfort wear.

Things better to be kept in mind while taking up a lehenga

American Lehenga for the Feminist You

If you wish to bring out the feminism within you the Native American lehenga choli is right for you.


What’s the reason?

 During weddings, traditional lehenga design or Ghagra choli in the brightest colour is suitable.

 Conventionally, bright and auspicious coloured lehenga is worn during occasions such as Navrathri, Eid, and Dusshera.

 For occasions such as the Dandiya nights or sangeet one can easily go for the Ghagra and flaunt their beauty.

Too Skinny, too heavy—doesn’t matter

Recognizing your body shape is the main thing for deciding the kind lehenga of you should go for.


 If you are skinny fabrics as Kota, South Cotton, poly crepes with body exposing blouse is the best option.

 If you are busty then small amount of embellishment on the blouse will do, better if there is no embellishment at all. It is preferable to go for a V-neck blouse.

 If you are short, go for the long prints it will look cool and you won’t look shorter.

How do you handle the dupatta?

Lastly the way you are taking the dupatta is of slight importance.


 For example, tying the dupatta on your wrist and having some bit of it on your hand will give a good posture.

 Placing the dupatta on your right shoulder allows your waist to appear slim and hide your problem areas. The best style for a bong wedding is pleating the dupatta and placing them on your right shoulder.

 Pleating the dupatta and secure with pin onto your left shoulder is ideal for cocktail style.

Maintenance—so, that it remain exclusive to you

Since lehenga is such an asset of our wardrobe its maintenance is required so that it doesn’t get spoiled.

• Not all detergents irrespective of its good quality are good for all kinds of fabrics. So choosing the detergent by testing it on a small patch is necessary. For the fine fabrics especially silk, dry cleaning is recommended. Sun drying is a huge “no” for some specific sort of fabric.
• While ironing, be careful with the temperature and place a fabric beneath the lehenga as it may absorb the excess heat and prevent the lehenga fabric from being spoilt.
• While storing make sure the lehenga is folded properly as wrong folds may cause damage to the lehenga design. It is wise to place tissue sheets between the folds. Wrap your exclusive outfit in a cotton cloth. You could also wrap it with a muslin cloth and store it to avoid damages.
• Usage of deodorants and perfumes directly upon fabric should be avoided.


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