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Drape Yourself in the Beautiful and Unique Bridal Lehengas


It’s December and with the Christmas carols comes the wedding bells, which is an official announcements for you that it’s shopping season again and you have to look your best. With the word shopping, comes the eternal conflict that what to buy and what’s the trend and of course how to look out of the box. For all the brides and the bride’s mates it is lehenga of course, and there are ample number of designs, variety and color available in the market. Don’t become perplexed with the thought that what to choose and what to wear, don’t limit your choices and choose the perfect attire for the coming season.

Shimmer and shine:

When it comes to wedding lehenga for your big day don’t restrict your choice, the pretty brides are not sticking their notion for only red or pink. The trend has changed and you can opt for the shiny golden and silver ones. They are combined with the basic pastel shades which are elegant enough to hold the bridal look and the dupatta with the jari work on them just adds on to the beauty. The demand for the darker shades on the stores for the lehengas has made it clear that the conventions of only wearing bright colors are out of fashion now. Keep your ornaments and make a little low key to have the perfect elegant look that you want.

C45r3yWUEAQs19fLehenga and belt:

The latest trend that has absolutely changed the look of wearing a lehenga is the introduction of the belt. The belts are embroidered and there is a lot of golden or silver touch in it. Tucking the dupatta in, with the help of the belt gives the bride a much sharper look and it makes it easy for all to handle the lehenga itself. The belts are available from pretty vibrant colors to the nude shades, so, you can adjust your look accordingly. The belts acts like a highlighter for the whole attire so choose this one carefully.

svalfwss1824Floral fun with the basics:

The newest trend for the lehengas are the floral motifs with the old school materials like silk, kanjivarams, katan etc. The floral motifs are just well accorded with the basic materials which enable the brides or the bride’s mates to have a heavy look with the less weight of the dress itself. Thus, in order to make your wedding event special and memorable you could very well go for this particular bridal lehenga design.

floral lehengaEven the bride can have her love story embroidered in the lehenga itself and can flaunt it to everyone on her very special day. The ruffle lehengas are also in high demand as it gives a chance to relive your childhood days in a pretty elegant manner. Anyone can go for a ruffle lehenga in basic color to make the day even more special.

The mix and match:

Mixing bright shades with the light ones can enhance the look of the lehenga. The dupatta is the ultimate part of the dress which can be experimented a lot. The pastel shades can be matched with the shiny ones and vice a versa. The darker shades are in high demand so flaunt a dupatta of the bright shade with the darker ones and match your ornaments accordingly.

31ff04645a44ac571c533c7cb2fd0e77With the floral ones the simple single colored dupattas are in the fashion. The colors too can be adjusted with one another. You can opt for a toned down version with a mix of embroidery and floral motifs to have that gorgeous look. Also the materials can be well experimented and mix matched. The shape of the lehengas can also be experimented with the shapes of the body as if it fits you then it suits you.

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