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Different Types of Wedding Gowns


The designer wedding gowns are a new trend among the women. With so many styles and varieties available in the market, many brides prefer to adorn a wedding gown on her special day.

Every girl dreams of a perfect wedding since her childhood. So many plans are made to be accomplished on a special day in the form of perfect dress for the gala evening, perfect location and so many other things. Among all this, the wedding outfit holds a special place in the women’s heart. A recent trend is seen in the Indian weddings nowadays. The modern trendy brides prefer to wear a wedding gown instead of the traditional saree or bridal lehenga on her wedding day. The boutique stores are experiencing high demands for the gowns in all the major cities in India.


The Bollywood actresses have beautifully promoted the use of gowns in the parties. The customized gowns can perfectly flaunt the shapely figure of the young bride. The master craftsman has to note down all the specifications about the bride’s body shape meticulously before creating a masterpiece for the bride. In most of the boutique shops, you can order the wedding gowns according to your preferred shape, designs, fabrics, colours, embellishments, etc. These gowns are so impressive that many modern women opt to ditch the conventional bridal lehenga to them. Here are the different types of wedding gowns according to their design and shape.

• The Mermaid Gown

The mermaid style wedding gown is timeless are still popular nowadays. They are the favourite style since the days of Jayne Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe. The mermaid gowns are the best if you have a shapely figure. This type of gowns is extremely elegant. They are fitted till your knee level and then flare out dramatically from there till your toe level giving a fish tail type of appearance to the woman. Generally, they have a low-cut back to emphasise your figure. The women with a body shape in the form of hourglass looks stunning in a mermaid gown. You can opt for the bold colours like red, royal blue, emerald green or golden. Do not go for a lot of embellishment, they can kill the elegant look of the gown. The mermaid gown looks best if they are crafted in satin or silk.


• The Empire Line Gown

The empire waist wedding gowns are extremely trendy in nature and offer you a royal look. They have a unique raised waistline which is just below your bust. The rest of the gown flows down from there. This type of gown is perfect for those brides having an apple or a pear-shaped body.

This gown can have embellishments in the form of delicate beadwork at the top to draw attention to your neck and chest line. It also cast an illusion of a fuller bust. Since the dress flows down from the bust line it can effortlessly cover up the flaws of your body shape like heavy lower portion or short legs. The line gowns can be crafted in silk, georgette or satin. You can select any bright colours in this type of wedding gown.

• The A-Line Gowns

The A-line wedding gown is another classical wedding gown which is still in the trend today. It can perfectly suit the body types of all the brides. The A-line gown is fitted through the bodice and flows out to the lower hemline without any broken line. Since it represents the letter A, it has been so named. This type of gown goes well with all type of figures, in particular, those with a larger bust.


There is a modified A-line gown which hugs your body through the hips and then flares out from there. It fits closer to the body than the traditional A-line gowns. The A-line gowns can be crafted in georgette, silk, chiffon, and satin. There also can be encrusted with embellishments in crystal work, beadwork, sequins work, etc. This is a perfect choice for your wedding day.

So, these were a few types of wedding gowns popular in the Indian wedding nowadays.

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