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What started as a northern Indian traditional festival spread itself to different parts of the country due to the recent craze it has seen. Therefore, people from across the country look forward to it celebrating the bond between two spouses as the woman completes her fast by looking at the rising moon followed by looking at her husband through a sieve.


For the obvious beauty of the festival, husbands and wives alike like to invest as much endearment and romance into the festival as possible, and looking your best is prime. While husbands generally sport a classic sherwani look during this one-day festival, wives inclines more towards the Karva Chauth sarees. Unlike the traditional cotton or silk sarees, Karva Chauth sarees highlight northern Indian attire more; therefore, the sarees are mainly inspired by such styles. Check out the following most alluring types of sarees to wear on Karva Chauth:

• Try the Bengal Tant Saree

Although not a conventional Karva Chauth dress, but the Bengal tant has received national acclamation by customers and designers alike. The color red sounds more attractive on the fabric, but you are allowed to explore the different shades as well.


Since the festival occurs during the night, go with darker and brighter tant colours such as royal blue, magenta, moss green or charcoal grey. Since the festival has spread in parts of West Bengal, Bong women have started this trend, which with enough evaluation has come out as a success.

• Art Vichitrapuri Silk for the Moonlit Night

Another of Bengal’s creations, the art vichitrapuri silk sarees are weaving their popularity gradually with the Karva Chauth night.


Gorgeous pesto green, sea blue and lilac colors are making rounds with the festival attires. It is recommended to tailor a matching blouse with the saree instead of buying a ready made one.


With the seedha pallu style and some gold jewelry thrown at you, your ideal Karva Chauth should be wholesome.

• Go for a Two-Tone Saree Look with Floral Embroidery

The festival calls for a bridal look for the wives, hence, the women go on to achieve the look as closely as possible even if the wedding days are far gone.


Hence, a two-tone saree look with floral embroidery and a strappy blouse could help you attain the look as you match accessories and footwear with the attire. This might sound a little experiment; however, where is the fun if you stick to the traditional Karva Chauth dresses for ages?

• Traditional Textiles are Never Out of Vogue

The lehenga choli might be the staple Karva Chauth dress, nevertheless, the saree is more nationally recognized and there is little that would go wrong with the outfit. Speaking of staple outfits, traditional textiles like tussar, chanderi, bandhani, leheriya and phulkari never set a saree trend wrong, henceforth, combine these fabrics belonging from different parts of the country with the proper accessories and hold your partner’s gaze for as long as the beauty allows. Such sarees usually come with exquisite mirror-works, chinkankari embroideries, zardozi, kasuti and Kantha stitches.


You could mix and match the traditional saree attire of different states and choose one that most appeals to your dressing sense.

• As a Younger Wife, Choosing a Net Saree Would Be Alluring

Younger brides are constantly on the internet searching for the latest and modish updates from the fashion industry to stay on top of trends. Then, why miss on the most auspicious occasion of your marriage? As you look at your husband through the sieve, catch him stealing glimpses from the see through net saree with the eye-catching blouse that you bought online.

While many favor yellow, it is recommended to pick any shade of red since the occasion is a celebration of the revival of the marriage of the spouses. Latkans are quite famous with the net sarees and young wives are seen incorporating the bubbly styling taste into almost every occasion they find. Hence, why cross out the Karva Chauth?



• Try Kanjeevaram for a Karva Chauth Saree

Banarasi is the ideal wedding saree for the Bengalis and Kanjeevaram is the South Indian version of the infamous Banarasi.e5f08b50bf0d057b8d54c206d9edcca5

As stated many times above that this festival is more about looking like a bride, styling yourself up like a South Indian bride sounds interesting.11Wear the waist jewelry and tikli as the South Indian brides do, and the ornamentation motive would be complete. Do not inform your husband about the look you are going to sport, rather, let him see for himself and remain awestruck of your ideas!



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