Deepika Padukone Steal Hearts Yet Again, With Her Glorious and Breathtaking Costumes in Padmavat

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With a hefty budget and Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s extensive vision, Padmavat looks no less than a dramatic on-screen poetry. The effort, patient, hard-work, creativity and expansive thought process that brought ‘Rani Padmavati’s’ elegance on-screen is beyond extravagant. Iconic filmmaker, Bhansali, is known for his royal canvas and cosmic budget for his films and Paadmavat too was not an exception. Charming Deepika Padukone, essays the Queen Padmavati’s titular role,and puts on quite an immense weight on her shoulders, and quite literally, to be honest. A great deal of research went behind the appearance of all the main leads, especially Padukone. The lehengas seen are handcrafted and heavy.

All the went behind making Deepika’s Padmaavat’s costumes a huge success

Deepika’s lehengas followed with the embroideries hails from the Desert city-Rajasthan and is beautified with silver and gold metal threads depicting gold patchworks worn by Queen Padmavati, back in the ancient days. The blue thread embroidery is one of the costumes bring about sheer elegance and the time-worn look, flaunted by the Kings and Queens of the ancient days.


Deepika’s odhnas, kanchalis, and ghagras are deal with a plethora of materials and concoctions like pomegranate, indigo, rose and natural dyes, to get the natural colors, available in the ancient days. Most of Deepika’s dress underwent the process of tea-staining to lend them a muted, earthy and organic feel. The designer team borrowed extraordinary prints developed from Bagru and Sanganer for the ensembles that were used in the films. Few of the prints are also said to have a variety of 12 hues in one single motif. The prints were further layered with special Varq ka kaam by skillful artisans hailing from Rajasthan.

For the gota embroidery pattern, the designers sourced flat beaten wires made of metal or badla, that were then handed over to the weavers who gave about an authentic gotta work as they were used in the ancient periods

Deepika’s ‘Ghoomar’ look that has just bowled us over

From the flawlessly magnificent costumes to the dramatic and luxury set, the song ‘Ghoomar’ have simply got us awestruck. Also, women all over, are simply swooning over the traditional yet effortlessly beautiful ghagra and odhnis. Designed with perfection and elan, by designer duo Harpreet and Rimple Narula, the lehenga choli worn in the song flaunts of Gota work, which might be ancient but is still not off the fad. The lehenga has brought back the trend of color blocking and the layering style. To complement the luxe, the royal choker set coupled with classy gold jhumkas were simple awe-inspiring as well. Embroidery has always played an important role in Indian dressing, but the print creation with the help of foil painting has just brought about a stylish brocade look.


Deepika’s most-talked-about ‘Ek Dil Ek Jaan’ costume

Deepika’s personal designer Rimple talked about keeping her ‘Ek Dil Ek Jaan’ Lehenga as much lightweight as possible. Though quite an age-old novel, Padmavati’s tale is even ancient and belongs to some 11-12th century. Thus the lehengas were handmade. In the film too, no machine was used to craft the lehengas but was instead handcrafted stitched with organic fabrics, including Kotas, Chanderis and mulls.


Deepika helps bring back to the typical style of Rajasthani Royals

Indian outfits sans floral designs are but dull and incomplete. There are ample Booti designs on Deepika’s ghagra. The odhni drapes effortlessly transport us back to the era of Queen Padmavati and the typical rajputs. All of them bear testaments to the fact that charming Deepika has been quite successful in bringing back the old yet irresistible look of Rajasthani royals back in the fashion domain. Come wedding season, and be prepared to witness more of pretty polka jewelry and floral gotta Patti embroidery and patchwork.


Why were the costumes worn by Deepika heavy?

If reports are to believed, Deepika would have had to sit for a minimum of three hours to get into the royal look of Rani Padmavati. The costumes had to be made little heavy to keep up with the originality. The base textiles were further bettered with time-worn hand-made embroideries like Pakko-Bharat, Gokru and Dunka, Mukke ka Kaam, and Salma and Sitara work.

More than the embroidery and the patchwork, what brought all of the outfits worn by Deepika to life was she herself. She is known as one of those few accomplished actors in the tinsel town, who get into the depth of characters, to essay her role flamboyantly. So perfect were her body-language and poise, that the outfits that clad her throughout the magnum-opus-Padmavat, almost looked as if they were solely invented and designed for Deepika.

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