Pre wedding weeks are always packed with tight schedule. The special day calls for the most attention and therefore makes sure you do not miss the vitals. From carefully picking your wedding dresses to selecting all the makeup and hair essentials, all are necessary. Do not miss to hit the salon and spas for a little pampering. The jewelry and the accessories are all neatly arranged and made ready for the bride. However, do you realize your lingerie plays an important role too? There are a variety of options of bra and panty sets to choose from. Customize your wedding lingerie to sizzle up the day.

Lingerie for the Wedding- Buying Tips
When you have a designer wedding dress for the special day, invest in your lingerie too. In fact, lingerie for women is the most vital of the commodities that you cannot overlook. It should be as perfect as your wedding dress.

• The first thing to do is get yourself accurately measured. Women often lose weight before their wedding. Therefore, it is advised to keep the measurements of the wedding dress and lingerie in the right order. It should not be a misfit.

• Women with heavier bust size should always opt for non-padded bras or minimizing bras. This will reduce the bust size and provide a distinct silhouette of their figure. Avoiding strapless or halter neck bras for the day is suggested for them. However, they can wear a padded blouse or choli if it is backless or deep cut.


non padded

• Choose fabrics like silk or satin. They are comfortable and fashionable. Do not buy fabrics, whichyou will never wear after that day.



• Women with a lower bust size have a relatively less problem. They can easily go for padded or push up bras, which are wired. These add volume and may look good on the wedding night. However, make sure, it should not cut your sides. The lingerie should be comfortable and easy to wear for long hours. Backless and strapless will undoubtedly fit them without creating any hindrance.

• Always keep another pair of the lingerie in case of any mishap like spill or a tear. This will save you from the harassment of finding a similar set right then.

What Lingerie to Choose on Honeymoon
The wedding night is all about the bride and groom’s moments of intimacy. Heat up the night and let your man cherish every inch of you with these lingerie ideas.

• A bit of skin, show is important. Pair push up bras or corsets with transparent stockings. These might be teasing and the push up bra adds volume to low bust size.

Stockings lingerie for women


• Do not go for the regular white color. Add a little bit of pop by choosing lingerie of golden, brown, pink or violet. However, red and black are the most opted colors by women since they never fail.



• Corsets maybe a little uncomfortable for busty women and hence they can opt for shape wears or Spandex and Lycra. Choosing an everyday nightgown is not really the best option for that and therefore keeps them aside. However you can wear it over a good pair of lingerie if you are uncomfortable exposing yourself to your man. Trying to be confident and do not fret.

• Baby doll sets are pleasing yet mischievously revealing. They’re extremely short and comes with padded bralette. Available in a variety of colors they are sure to keep your man guessing.


Baby doll lingerie set

• Transparent or see through nightgowns with lace prints is an easy option for both plus sized women and normal women. There is a slit right from your bra line extending downwards revealing your thigh on one side. It reveals a bit of your panty and is lightweight. All the reasons to go for it!


• See through bikinis are semi transparent and padded sets but they need to fit perfectly. Choose them accurately. Rompers are comfortable with a boyish style.

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Do not shy away to experiment and wear customized lingerie on your wedding night. Go bold and beautiful to spice up the day with the person you love. Amp up the ambience of the night by using fragrant perfumes and scented hair mousse. Make sure to try out your lingerie set with your wedding dress before the special day to avoid any last minute errors. There are a number of online sites where bra and panty sets are available in exceptional variety and great discounts. Also, do not forget to wear that confident smile too!

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