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The Palazzo is the pants with wide flared up end that you often see many girls wearing now a days. Like most of the fashion trends, the palazzo pants are a comeback of 60’s and 70’s the time when it was often addressed as the famous “belly bottoms”.


Ever felt jealous over the gorgeous dressing sense of the girl sitting next to you on the metro, showing off her best pair of palazzo pants? Now is the time to stop pondering about the girl next door. Get your own palazzo pants and feel like a diva.

Here are some ways with which you could pride on your choice of the palazzo and feel beautiful.

  • Pair a light colored palazzo with a dark tee. Make sure you never wear a heavy printed top with the printed palazzo. It gives a heavy and monotonous look, making it too much for the other people’s eyes to take in.
  • Wearing a lace or netty top with a palazzo could help you show off your elegance.
  • A combination of long kurta with a contrasting color palazzo pants gives a nice ethnic cum sophisticated look.
  • For an office or formal look you can pair your comfortable palazzo with a collared shirt and heels. Make sure you tuck-in your top to impart a smart appearance. Putting a belt on is also advisable assuring that the belt is not heavily decorated with pearls or other such stuff.
  • One wonderful thing about these pants are that they make you feel really comfortable like one is wearing a pair of pajamas. So why not include them as clothes for a hot summery day by coupling it with a solid tank, and by any chance if you find the tank top too wide, you could perhaps tie a knot at the end this could also make you look a little slimmer.
  • Worried about the wideness of the palazzo? Which interrupts in showing off your body figure? Throw your worries aside. Pairing a palazzo with a striped crop top to give a sassy look, accessories with a necklace to give classy appeal.
  • If getting chilly, one could pair a high waist palazzo with a boxy cropped sweater and keep warm.

To have a pair of palazzo in your wardrobe is a perfect thing, owing to its multiple purpose and being versatile in nature. Be it hot summer, freezing winter or fall, palazzo pants are always a way out in dressing for any day or event.


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