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Best Bridal Lehenga Designs if You Love Minimalist Fashion


The bridal lehenga is a long ethnic skirt which is primarily worn by the Indian women at their wedding. This popular garment has undergone tremendous evolution and experimentation by the renowned designers. Now, no wedding is complete with a unique lehenga for the bride.

A bridal lehenga is rightly defined as an amalgamation of the designer’s vision and the bride’s dreams. Lehenga choli ensemble is the most popular bridal wear in the Indian Sub-continent. It is predominantly worn by the brides in northern and central India. The brides in the Hindi speaking region of Nepal also prefer to wear lehenga choli on her big day. Though the basic concept of a lehenga choli remains the same, modern time has changed the way fashion conscious Indian, stylists and designers have been looking at this traditional ensemble.

A traditional lehenga choli consists of a long skirt or the lehenga and a blouse or the choli. A dupatta is also used along with the dress. It is created with different types of fabrics like silk, cotton, georgette, satin, chiffon, etc. The bridal wear is embellished with decorative stitches or embroidery work. Many renowned designers use phulkari, chikankari, zardozi, zari or Kundan work on the lehengas. It is rightly said that the bridal lehenga is the most important outfit in any woman’s life. The women keep her wedding lehenga and all the memories attached to it close to her heart forever. Though most of the women prefer to wear a lehenga on their wedding, some contemporary women prefer a lehenga saree on her big day.

How has the traditional lehenga been transformed into minimalist fashion?

Sophisticated, sporty and simple are the 3 important statements that define the modern Indian bride. The modern women like to sport a minimal look on her wedding day without getting overshadowed by the heavy embroidery work of the traditional lehengas. The trendy fashion conscious designers put in a lot of research to craft the perfect lehenga or a lehenga saree for your wedding.

Bridal Lehenga Designs for Minimalist Fashion

Though the trendy Indian bride is born and brought up with traditional Indian values her outlook is very contemporary. She is fiercely independent and realizes the beauty and value of Indian craft remains in simple yet elegant designs. They have made the minimalist bridal lehenga a trend in the modern day. Here are a few lehenga designs which are simple yet beautiful.


Floral Lehenga in Pastel Shade

If you thought minimal dressing on your wedding day is bound to be boring, you are truely mistaken. The modern-day independent women have bid goodbye to the heavy traditional ensemble and welcomed the easy silhouettes. The trick to look glamorous lies in balancing the element. The floral lehenga in pastel shade is a perfect example of an elegant and sophisticated look to be carried on the wedding day. These lehengas can be stitched as flared or A-lined skirt. The floral lehengas are mostly made of chiffon, georgette or silk. Stonework or zari embroidery goes perfectly with this look.


Banarasi Brocade Lehenga

The banarasi brocade lehengas are making waves across the nation right now. The rich textures of fabric and embossed motifs bring exquisite touch in the lehenga. Normally, Banarasi handloom fabric is not very heavy. The intricacy and the exclusivity of the design make it the most sought-after lehenga of the elite class of women. The beautiful attire comes with amazing embroidery done with Kasab work, moti work, Resham work, sequins work or silk border patch work. It is teamed up with a matching choli and dupatta.


Chiffon Lehenga in Pink

The chiffon lehenga is the latest trend which is taking the nation by storm. Simplicity and a touch of soberness make it a masterpiece. The Indian ladies find the pink lehengas very attractive as it beautifully compliments their whitish complexion. Stonework embroidery with intricate details and designs makes you look very attractive on your D-day. A golden dupatta can be used with this combination. This lehenga ensemble is going to be a big hit this wedding season.3

The above are the three lehenga designs which are simple yet elegant. They are one of the most preferred lehengas this season.

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