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Be the Show Stopper in a Party with a Saree


A single colourful yet sober and beautiful cloth, draped around a woman’s body is a marvelous creation of no other country but India. Sarees are an inevitable dress code of any Indian woman. Be it professional or for the purpose fashion, saree says it all. A woman clad in a beautiful saree is bound to catch the eyes every passerby. But the choice needs to be the one complementing current fashion and her style and background. Dressing up always is a proof of one’s taste. So the best must be the choice always. And here we try to make it a bit easier by laying down several options matching with the function where it can be worn.


Though we can’t completely blend one’s personal choice, yet we can at least ease it out to a certain extent if possible. Online shopping has become a trend and time saving option these days. This is why even companies are approaching with exciting offers and collection for online shoppers. Refundable return policies added to the hype. Yet, it’s best to make the right choice at the first go. To discuss sarees as a party wear, gives a scope of an extensive discussion. Be it the type, material or the colour, the blog aims to cover all of it.

Sober and Elegant Look with Khadi and Cotton Sarees

Party or any occasion includes wedding, friend’s gathering, or even a puja. Whatever be the ceremony, saree can be worn. Cotton or a khadi material is an apt choice for pujas or a morning wedding function. Haldi and even an ashirbaad ceremony call for a sober dress up. Light coloured sarees with broad bright borders set the benchmark for such occasions. A white, cream or yellow coloured saree with golden or red border accompanied with a contrasting chrome of blouse will look good definitely. The blouse if short sleeved looks the best. Cotton sarees with deep red or blue colours too have a fashion of their own.


Gown Sarees, Designers Sarees, Enhances your Look with a Twist

Designer sarees in cotton have embroideries on them in stitches or prints, sometimes even in art style. While any marriage anniversary, wedding party or any evening gathering calls for a saree with georgette, chiffon, net, silk material. Designs, such as embroidery and appliqué, enhance the beauty of the saree. Gown sarees are a choice for many, mainly youngsters and they wear it for college fests, friend’s meet up and many other similar occasions. Nowadays, saree with gaudy colour and single or narrow border, mainly golden has become a common choice.


Choose Material and Designs According to Occasions

Now, which type of design will suit which material and occasion should be thought of. Cotton sarees matches well with broad and gaudy borders, especially golden in colour. Cotton sarees look good in red, yellow, white, cream, light green shades. All these chromes match with golden border or even black or grey. Orange border with navy blue coloured sarees exceptionally looks good. Silk material too goes well in this style and design apart from artistic patterns. A yellow saree can be accompanied by a mixture of golden and green border and a green boat collared blouse.


Again, chiffon or georgette or even a net saree wants a bright embroidery or print over it. A single chromed saree with enhancing bright broad border catches the show of an evening party. These sarees matches best with full sleeved or a half sleeved blouse, sometimes even with designer blouses.

Flaunt your Party Sarees with Designer Jewelry

All these discussion undoubtedly lay in front of the viewers, options best suited for the purpose. The accessories to be chosen with saree should always be oxidized or heavy jewelry. Jhumkas and big finger rings completes the whole.


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