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Accessories That Looks Best With Lehenga Dresses


Lehenga dresses are a rather popular choice of Indian attires for women. This is one of the safest choices to adorn when getting ready for any type of event. It could be a traditional celebration or a contemporary event such as a cocktail party, a lehenga dress is an option that will never fail.

It is the right balance of the gorgeous and the sophisticated. You can create any type of look out of it as long as you accessorize the whole look in a proper manner. Hence it is very important that you choose the most befitting accessories to go with the look. This is how you can really make a difference and can create a look that will help you stand out from the entire crowd.

Let us take a look at some of the accessory essential that must be paired up with a lehenga dress.

Big Danglers – Any look is never quite complete without a statement and big danglers. This is very true in the case of lehenga dress or any other ethnic attire. You can look for really big and chunky earrings to go with the look. You can go to any type of big arraigns. They could be the pasa style earrings, the chandbalis or simply any type of big earrings. Just bear in mind that if you are wearing them then does not go for anything on your neck. This can make the look really cumbersome and the total effect can get lost.


Necklaces – Statement necklaces are the new in thing. These are pieces of accessories that can really make a difference. You can get different designs of them that can really create a special look for you’re entire attire. They can come in several strings attached at one point, or they can have a single string with a large pendant as the central piece of attraction. You can get them in the Hyderabad design and also designs inspired from the tribal cultures. Just be sure not to wear very long earrings with them. You can safely settle for smaller studs.


Kamarbandhs – These are essential accessories that can really lock the attention of the onlookers. They need to be worn at the waist and can really define your look. These accessories are a super idea to highlight your trim waistline and give a really regal look to the entire dress. This is an accessory that can be worn with both Indian looks and also with a western hint.


Bangles And kangans – No look of lehenga dresses can ever be complete without bangles and kangas. You can either team up different bangles to make a bunch out of them or again you can wear a single statement Kangan. Both the styles have their own effects; however, it is the later style that comes with a really regal and royal touch.


Mangtikas – This is an essential accessory that is worn by the brides at the times of their marriage. They can also be worn by anybody going for traditional occasions. However, in the current times, mang tikas are also worn with dresses with a western hint. This helps to create a fusion look of the ethno western. This is a look that is much popular amongst the contemporary women.


Pasas – This is an essentially Muslim style accessory that is worn on one side of the forehead. It has a really sophisticated and glamorous look. This is an accessory that will complete your traditional look like never better.



Conclusion – Finding the right accessories I important for any dress and any look. This is all the more true for a lehenga dress that is a fine fusion of the ethnic and the western.

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