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8 Silly Mistakes while Wearing a Saree


Among traditional attires, saree is considered as the trendiest look that women could rock. It makes you look sexy while abiding by your ethnicity. However, since saree is no longer taken as an elementary attire, women are out of practice of wearing it appropriately. Hence, when you’ve been invited to a marriage ceremony or a simple college fest, your eyes easily dodge the common silly mistakes that people make. To make you aware of it, here is a list of some silly mistakes that women are unconscious about while wearing sarees.

1. Wrongly Draping Your Saree

Considered one of the widest committed mistakes, every woman has been a victim of this blunder at least once in her life. Saree itself is a traditional wear. Several style statements and fashion fiestas have had a tremendous makeover on this attire. However, to wrongly drape your saree should never be interpreted as a fashion statement and hoped for an inclusion among latest trends. There’s a silver lining between a fashion blunder and a fashion innovation; make sure to watch for it!

2. Showing Too Much Skin

We understand your need to draw eyes on you or maybe feel good about your body when you’re wearing a saree. However, exposing too much skin kills the purpose of this traditional attire. Indians are renowned for their sarees and salwar kameez. These attires do not need much extra effort to make you look stunning. The way a saree compliments your body and accentuates your curves, possibly make up for every beautiful bit that you could ask for.

3. Wearing The Wrong Shoes

When you’ve decided to rock your day with a party wear saree, be sure to not ruin it by mixing up the wrong footwear. Shoes not complementing your traditional look could have a drastic effect on your entire attire. We all cringed during the trend of loafers and canvas shoes with a saree; trying to create a new “style statement”. Some fashion trends aim for direct failure and this was one of them. If you’re looking to rock some unconventional footwear, get inspired from Kangana Ranaut’s brogues. For creating a dynamic style, choose your loafers wisely, applying the right peppiness to your look.

4. Unfit Or Baggy Blouse

vidya loose blouse
Imagine your reaction on seeing someone trying to rock a baggy blouse with a saree. How does that make you feel? Yes, a baggy or unfit blouse is possibly the worst insult that a woman could imply on her traditional attire. As mentioned before, some traditional looks should never be tampered with, and this is one of them. Fashion designers and stylists have recreated and invented various sarees that rightly compliment the rising trend along with respecting the traditional sense. An unfit blouse is only a discourtesy if you’re wearing a saree.

5. Too Short Or Too Long Pallu

To avoid this mistake, it is recommended to pre-pleat your saree. This gives you a better notion of the length of your pallu. You would probably not want people to criticize you on a special day about your inappropriate dressing sense. If you’re unable to do it yourself, ask for help, there’s no shame in it.

6. Wearing The Wrong Accessories Or Over-Accessorizing

It is better not wearing any jewelry than wearing the wrong ones are wearing too much of them. A saree itself covers all the breathtaking aspects that you are hoping to achieve. Accessories are only complimented and not compulsory. Yes, choosing them rightly accentuates your saree’s attributes, but you must have the right styling sense in order to do so. For instance, if it’s a plain solid colored saree, accentuate your look with one eye-catching jewelry (a necklace or earrings mayhaps). If it’s a heavy embroidered saree, don’t overdo it by wearing every expensive jewelry you own; try to keep the accessories complementary only.

7. Using A Myriad Of Pins

Wearing a saree without any pin could be near to impossible. However, unnecessary use of pins looks unattractive and messy. It takes away the elegance of the saree. Your saree needs to breathe too, so quit being paranoid and lose some pins. Use pins only where it is necessary like 2-3 of them or maybe a lucrative brooch to keep your pallu in place. Moreover, does it look good when your saree gets into an awkward shape as you try to woo spectators with your amazing look? Well, definitely not.

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8. Petticoat Mismatch

Another cringe worthy fashion amiss is wearing the wrong petticoat. Wearing a light shade petticoat under a dark pure cotton saree leaves no doubt that it is going to show. As a three-piece attire, you must be careful and wise in choosing the right petticoat for your saree.

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