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7 Ways to Drape Dupatta When Wearing Chaniya Choli


One of the best ways to change up the chaniya choli that you wear is by how you drape the dupatta. There are so many ways that you can change up the outfit with a simple change, so why not try different draping options? You can use these draping methods at your wedding or even when attending the wedding or other event for your friends, so go ahead and experiment.

You don’t need to get new Navratri dresses for every day, but instead you can simply change up how you drape the dupatta, which can give it a new and exciting look. There are some standard options that you can put into play or you can try something new. Why not go ahead and try a new draping method the next time you don one to make it look more exotic? Here are a few to try when you put the outfit on next.

  1. Overhead drape – You can take the dupatta and drape it over your head with one end on the left shoulder and the other in the front.
  2. Drape pleated – Another option you can use is having a single dupatta that is pleated like a saree over your shoulder and tucked into the left waist area.
  3. Draped over shoulder – You can also drape the dupatta over one of your shoulders and carried on your other arm without any pleats.
  4. Head drape tied to wrists – If you are looking for something different, then you can drape the dupatta over your head and tie both ends to each wrist.
  5. Double dupatta on head and chest – If you are planning to wear more than one dupatta you can drape one over your head like normal and drape another over the chest.
  6. Double dupatta pleated style – Also, you can use two dupattas and have one pleated like a saree, while another is pleated and draped over the opposite shoulder.
  7. Double dupatta on head and arms – If you want something stunning to wear, then drape one dupatta over your head while having another one draped over your arms from the back.

There are plenty of ways that you can drape the dupatta of the chaniya choli, so make sure to check them out chaniya choli for navratri. Zipker has a huge array of options that you can choose from for all occasions, including your own wedding and more. Let them help you pick out the best option to wear without any fuss.

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