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7 Tips to Look Slimmer in a Saree


Nothing beats the extravagance of nine-yards when it comes to turning heads. Tall or short, plump or thin; saree is one amongst those outfits that blends in with all shapes, sizes, height. That said, there are women out there who fear to drape a saree, for they believe it makes them look fat and round. Never mind, if you are amongst those or have gained a little weight around your tummy, here are a few tips to make you look astonishingly slimmer even in a five-yard.


7 effortless ways to look slimmer in a sari, sans dropping a sweat

The perfect fabric selection for a slimmer ‘you’!

You might not be aware but fabric selection is one of the major criteria when it comes to choosing the fabric. You can actually look good and slim even with some extra weight put on, wearing a sari, if you can choose the right fabric. Fabrics like crepe, georgette, or chiffon stick around your body and make you look unattractive clumsy. Also, try ruling out cotton and silk sarees. But you are one amongst those who swear on cotton sarees, try opting for the lighter one.


Say yes to sleek borders

Short in height? Avoid picking sleek bordered sarees. Go for sarees that have narrow borders. Short women with broad borders never coincide well and are sure to give you a major fashion disaster moment.

green saree

Go for lighter prints

If you wish to look attractively slim in a saree, you must always choose lighter print sarees or sleek embroideries followed by smaller prints. The big and bold prints are never meant for the shorter women, and instead, make them look horribly fat. If you are picking from a variety embroidered sarees, choose the one with small motifs, and avoid the ones that gloat with bigger and bolder prints. Floral and digital prints are in vogue and do their best to hide your flabby areas.


Pick dark colors, and hide your fat like a pro

Black boasts of being sensuous and gorgeous at the same time. You know black sarees are women’s favorite go-getter color and are totally party friendly. If you are able to choose the perfect color, you can definitely appear slim and attractive in sarees. Choose from a variety of dark colors like black, purple, navy blue, etc.

black saree

Time to perfect your draping skills

There is nothing more important in a saree than it’s draping skill. The women who can master the art of draping can actually acquire the talent of looking sensually pretty. A sari’s feminine grace is enhanced only through the good draping skill. Avoid tugging in the entire drapes at a particular place unless you wish to display your bulged out tummy.


Browse through the following draping styles for an idea:

• Tuck in your sari well around the waist, to restrict it from adding volume to the body.
• Keep it to simplistic and least number of pleats, to acquire the best shape and drape. Plump women with an over-do of pleats tend to look bulgy and bottomed from their bellies.
• If you are a fan of pleats and do not wish to avoid them, drape and tuck them at a distance to rule out pleat accumulation at one place.
• Drape your saree as tight as you can, if you want to look slim.
• Keep the sari’s pallu open across your arm and ditch the idea of pleating them all on your shoulder.

Club your sari with a blouse that has long sleeves

Long sleeves are designed keeping in mind about your flabby arms. Try matching your sari with a full-sleeved blouse. Give up on mega sleeved and sleeveless blouses if you wish to look slimmer and better. Long sleeved blouses are the perfect blendfor soberness and decency and can be gracefully worn at office parties, formal cocktail dinners or other such events, sans any doubts.


Tie your sari beour navel

One of the draping basics is to tie your sari below the navel as this is one of those tricks that have actually proven to conceal body contours of a woman and also makes her look taller. Pick the right accessories, to go with. If you are short, avoid using gold chokers and instead opt for long neck pieces to make yourself look thin. Go for silhouettes if you wish to elongate your frame and look surprisingly pretty.

Go on woman, be a stunner and the talk of the town, with these simple and effective tips given above.

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