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5 Types of Designer Punjabi Suits Ruling 2019


Suits are one of the most liked and favoured dresses by women. Almost on every other occasion, you can see many women and girls wearing suits of different types and colours. A three-piece designer suit is a hot favourite with many women. Punjabi suits are taking over the market with their colourful styles and designer makes. Mainly 5 types of designer Punjabi suits have set the trend in 2019. Here is a look at each of them separately.

Punjabi Suits Paired with a Palazzo

Punjabi dresses are usually known for their chic and traditional look. The suits are quite stylish and look awesome when worn. Paired with a Palazzo, Punjabi suits will turn heads your way wherever you go. You can wear a long kurti with the loose parallel pants having a flared bottom and top up your attire with a colourful dupatta either in matching colours or in contrast. The attires gives the traditional suites a casual look and you can wear this classy combination to functions as well. The suites are available in all kinds of fabrics, colours and designs. So, choose the most suitable Punjabi suit latest design and pair it up with a palazzo.


Traditional Patiala Suits

Patiala suits are a Punjab speciality. The suites are even called so after the famous place in Punjab known as Patiala. The bottoms of the suit are made up of a flaring pant with many layers of pleats and at the ankle, the pants are set to fit in a skinny yet comfortable way. Patiala suits are comfortable for daily use as well. The kurti worn is usually knee length or a bit above the knees. There are Patiala suits which are worn with longer kurtis or with a jacket as well. Along with comfort the suits also look very stylish and you can get several designs for the neck, sleeves and the backside of your kurti.


The Gorgeous Sharara Suits

The Sharara suits are another famous suit from the land of Punjab. The state and its outfits reflect each other perfectly. Both are vibrant, comfortable and eye-catching. Sharara suits have long been popular with many celebrities. The suit has a knee-length or shorter kurti. The real twist in the dress is given by its bottom wear. The sharara pants are high parallel pants with the flare in the pants starting from the thighs itself. You can team up a sharara with a long kurti but that will prevent you from flaunting your sharara swirls. Glam up your occasion this time with a sharara suit from the designer Punjabi suits available for purchase online.


Punjabi Suits with Ghagra

A unique combination of a long flowing skirt with a long or a short kurti is another ethnic dress from the Punjabi suit collections. This dress is not only gorgeous but also allows free movement. A favourite of fashionistas, Punjabi suit with Ghagra are available in many varieties. You can choose from a free-flowing skirt to a skirt with many layers and pleats. Team it up with a stylish kurti from the designer Punjabi suit latest design and some traditional heavy jewellery and become a fashion symbol overnight.


The Old Frock Suits Paired Up with Dhoti Style Pants

Combine a frock style kurti with a dhoti style pant and lo and behold! you have the perfect blend of style and tradition together in one ensemble. The frock style of the kurti gives the kameez a shorter length with several pleats and frills. You can team up the kurtis with either dhoti pants or plain loose bottoms. Add a pompom duppatta to your outfit and you are ready to rock any event. it is also good for day wear as the outfit only looks cute but also gives breathable space to the skin.


Get the best Punjabi suit you like now that you are armed with the knowledge about the different types of suits.

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