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5 Stylish Ways To Drape Lehenga Dupatta This Wedding Season

lehenga choli dupatta

There is simply no match in the world of fashion and attire for your Indian lehenga dupatta when you like to transform into a queen, looking forward to entering a crowd in your complete regalia. The Indian designer lehenga choli is one of the best choices to create a regal look for any traditional ceremony. Accessorized with the right jewelers and completed with befitting make up such glamorous party wear lehenga choli can truly make you stand apart from the crowd big time!

One of the biggest benefits of these designer lehenga cholis is that you can create different looks with the same set each time, that you drape the dupatta in a different way. Let us take a look at five different looks that you can create with the same lehenga dupatta, just draped in a different manner.

The Frontal Display Style

If you have a gorgeous well-embroidered dupatta, this is the best style that you can put up. In this style all you need to do is leave a good amount on your left side, pleat it neatly and pin it on the left side. The other end can be pleated in such a way that one of the hemlines of your dupatta will reach till your knees, exhibiting all the embroidery and sequin work. Now the other side can be pinned up on your right shoulder. The amount of dupatta that has been left behind on the left side can be draped in the style of a pallu and the loose end can be kept flowing. If the material is see-through and shimmer, then do not forget to adorn a lovely gajra. This accentuates the look several times. A nice bun is the best way to go about the look.


Drape It Like A Saree

A classic saree drape is yet again another style that you can try. All you need to do is secure one side of the dupatta on the right side of your waist and then pleat the dupatta that can be rested on your left shoulder like the pallu of a saree. This is a traditional look and can be great for a daytime party look. It is rather a simple look to carry that with the right jewelry and accessories can look super ethnic. A long braid with simple flowers is a great idea to go with this style.


The Gujarati Drape

This is yet again another great style through which the dupatta can be exhibited through a frontal display. Here the look resembles a Gujarati saree. One side of the dupatta can be tucked on the right side of your waist. The other side can be nicely pleated and can be draped over the left shoulder. The pleats must be put in such a way that all the work and the detailing of the dupatta is exhibited fully for a complete view. You can drape it simply or even over your head like a pallu. This party wear lehenga is also a great idea for a bride.


Thorough Draped Dupatta

In this look, the entire dupatta is on the show. One of the sides or tips of the dupatta is tuck on the left side. Then it is draped over the head and brought in front from the right shoulder. The other end can then rest on your left arm. This is a look that can be quite difficult to carry and must not be used on the marriage day. However, you can go ahead with this look on the reception day, which can be a great idea.


Double It

This is the perfect bride look. All you need to do is get an extra dupatta that will go with your designer lehenga choli. Drape one dupatta in the Gujarati saree fashion or the general saree fashion. The other dupatta can be used for a drape over your head. This drape creates a perfect bride look that looks gorgeous and detailed with befitting jewelers.


Whichever way you choose to drape your lehenga, be sure that the dupatta is exhibited in a proper way. This can do perfect justice to your lehenga and can give you a style statement of your very own!

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