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Fashion is all about looking your best and be comfortable at the same time. The trick lies in hiding the weaknesses of your body and highlighting the strengths. Belly fat is one of the big time problems for all of us. For women this problem arrives at very early age due to various factors of obesity, lack of ample physical activities, giving birth, post pregnancy fat etc. This can ruin your look big time. Again getting rid of this belly fat is no joke and can often take months and years of very hard world and gritting determination.

If you are one of those people who are facing this problem, then this article can give you some smart tips in how you can dress up yourself that will ably conceal your belly fat.

Wear Layers Of Clothes

One of the best ways through which you can conceal your body fat is through wearing different layers of clothes. It is one of the best ways through which you can help to conceal your waist line in an articulate manner. Try to wear dresses where draping around the waist is done. This can help to hide the extra flaps on your waist line. Frills and extra layers around the waist is a great idea. For all you ladies who have a round waist try to wear long dresses and gowns in a straight cut. However try to avoid clingy materials. This accentuates your body contour. Instead try to wear fabric that are crisp, firm and has traces of lycra. Adding a jacket to your attire is a great idea and can help to redefine your waist line in a great way. When you wear your jeans be sure not to wear too low waist jeans. Try to go for jeans that has a high waist. This helps to tone down and also conceal the extra flaps on your waist. Low jeans gives a push to the extra fat on your belly fat that can make you look wider. Hence avoid low waist jeans.


Wear The Right Pattern

Wearing the right pattern is also very important. This is one of the ways through which you can avoid highlighting your waist line. It is advised that you should stay away 6b from horizontal stripes. This can accentuate your waist line in a negative manner. Rather you can go for dresses with vertical stripes. This can break the tone of your waist line and can make it look thin. It is also advised that you can stick to monotone colors. This can also help you look slimmer. However if you like to wear prints keep to smaller prints and motifs. Do not wear prints where the middle of the dress is highlighted. This can give you a broad and an unwanted look. Also avoid clothes where there is detailing or embroidery in the middle. This also accentuates the width and can give you a larger look.


Wear Your Colors Right

If you have belly fat one of the best things to do is to go for darker shades. This does not mean that you should stick to just black. You can also try other vivid colors. This will include crimson, reds, maroon, brown, greens and blues. Try to avoid lighter shades. This shade gives you a broader look.


Accessorize Well

It is equally important that you accessorize well. This can be done by avoiding belts. Tight belts actually accentuates the waist and can make you look broader. Instead you can go for chunky neck pieces. This will take away the attention from your waist and can give you a slimmer look. However if you are looking forward to a belt go for a slim and a lose fitting one around the waist.


Redefine Your Waist

One of the best ways to conceal belly fat is through wearing body shapers. These are firm underneath clothing that conceals all the extra fat and tones the shape of your body. These body shapers can give you a firm and a slim look. To get best results go for a snug fitting body shape.

Belly fat can really create bad ripples for your look. Follow the above tips to conceal them smartly and give a new look to yourself.

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