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When it comes to skin care for teenagers, proper methods have to be understood for those raging hormonal imbalances that severely affect skin conditions. Breakouts, acnes, pimples, and blackheads are some of the most common skin issues that teenagers face. Also, with the ever-growing makeup ideas, teens often tend to encumber their skins with heavy foundation and powders that could drastically alter the look of natural skin. So, here are some of the latest and effective beauty tips for girls.


Understand your skin

Teen years are that time of your life when you seriously start considering proper skin care routines. With school fests, excursions and birthday parties to attend, looking your best becomes the primary concern. However, before subjecting your skin to products, you must have a basic idea of your skin type and what goes with it, be it the right moisturiser, cleanser or beauty mask. Here are the basic skin types:
• Dry
• Normal
• Oily
• Sensitive
• Combinedskin types

However, during extensive hormonal imbalances, mental stress or different seasons, your skin type might have a propensity to change. You cannot rely on a single product throughout your teen years, sadly. Since your body is new to menstrual cycles, you could face unfair skin issues.

After you have determined your skin type, then comes the task of choosing the right lotion and moisturiser for your skin. Generally, oily skinned people try to avoid these products whereas, dry skinned people use them to add shine and nourishment. However, if you have combination skin, you must stick to different products for different areas of your skin. Lastly, sensitive skin allows for very little flexibility when it comes to testing products on it. Hence, choose mild creams and cleansers that least meddle with the sensitivity of your skin.

The essential makeup tips

As teenagers, your spontaneity is bound to do experiments with makeup. It is extreme fun to witness the surreal makeup effects that various YouTube artists and Indian makeup and beauty blogs are now trying. However, you must first be given a beginner’s tutorial on makeup to later notch it up according to your style. Here are the five ultimate makeup tips for teens:

1. Prep your skin for makeup

The skin’s standard pH level should be between 4.5 and 6. Hence, choose the right cleanser that retains the appropriate amount of acidity in your skin to fight off those nasty bacteria. Next, face and neck exfoliation are mandatory. You should be applying a day exfoliator scrub with small circular granules that are gentle on your skin. Expose the smooth new skin below and extirpate the dead cells. Lastly, hydrate your skin and apply a serum to not let the makeup products get the better of your skin.


2. Don’t cake your skin with foundation

You’re just a beginner in makeup. Teens are young and budding, hence, their natural skin look should not look unattractive to eyes. Apply makeup in such a way that it retains your original beauty, however, avoid a foundation altogether if there’s acne on your skin. If you have to use a foundation, apply one that is light to touch and feels natural on your skin. The heavy foundation will only worsen your skin with age.


3. Know the right shades for your face

Foundations, concealers and eyebrow powders come with a variety of shades and colours. As a teen, you must make up your mind about the right hue that best goes with your facial features. It is important to test the makeup colours right on your face rather than on the back of your hand as your face and hands could have different skin tones.


4. Don’t try shades that are too bold

You’re not yet an adult; complementing dark lips with darker eyeshadows will make you look tacky for your age. Choose the shades that suit your overall teenage features and keep the gaudy makeup ideas for the future.


5. Makeup looks best only when your skin looks best

Establishing a proper skin care routine includes no shortcuts. You must not try to conceal the pimples and breakouts with excessive foundation or concealers. Consult a dermatologist or switch to a healthy diet and skin care routine that would help lessen the hormonal imbalances, giving you the best-looking skin.

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Lessons learned

There are a lot of products that are not tuned into the standards that parents care about when it comes to their children applying makeup. It is recommended, thus, to buy products that have fewer ingredients and the ones that do not appear harmful. Yes, there is no doubt that young boys and girls like to experiment with makeup, but as teens, you must be cautious of your skin’s delicacy.

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