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4 Types Of Skirts For Women Of All Ages


The skirt is attire that originated in the western world. However given its comfort, convenience to move around and also its style quotient, this is a dress format that has been accepted and taken up by women from different parts of the world. Likewise, it is understandable that the skirt is a dress type that has seen many variations.

You can get different types, styles, cuts, and patterns of skirts that can be worn by different and all age group women. Amongst the popular designs of skirts for women mention can be made of the following four popular designs that will suit women of all age groups and with little moderation will look good on any body type.

Box Pleated –

This is one of the oldest designs of skirts for girls that have been in vogue since probably the Victorian times. This modest design has a simple clean cut look. The length of this style of the skirt can be anywhere from just above your knees to your mid-calf level. The pleats are symmetrical, neat and uniform. The skirt gets its best look when the pleats are deep, well settled and uniform in their width. This type of skirt can look good on women of any age and all types of the body structure.


A Lined –

A-lined skirts have a neat, stylish and corporate look. Unlike the pencil skirts, an A-lined skirts allows enough space to the legs so that you can sit and can move around with ease. These skirts can also be different lengths where they can be just above your knees or can also reach down to your mid calves. However, these skirts are best left at your knee level or just a little below your knees. They can look really smart with an option of a belt at the waist.

a lined

Mermaid –

The mermaid skirt is a glamorous looking skirt that can be a perfect dress for an outing or a date with your friends. In this type of skirt, the fabric has a figure-hugging fall and there is a slight flare at the hemline of the skirt. It has a rather femme look that can go well on all types of body structures. This is a type of skirt design that has a floor-sweeping design that gives a really elegant look.


Asymmetrical Long Skirt –

This is a type of skirt design that is one of the most common forms of skirts worn by a large number of women. These skirts are designed in long length and have a great fall.

One of the finest tricks to look like a million bucks in these skirts is to team them up with the most appropriate looking blouses and tops.

Conclusion –

In order to create the best look always go for the most striking contrast in terms of the color of the skirts and blouses. This will help to bring out the color effect to the best possibility. Pair them with heels to create the most femme and stylish looks.

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