10 Skin Care & Dress Up Tips for Holi

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Known for the Festival of Colors, Holi is everyone’s favorite. On this day, each and every single person imbibes into different colors. But special attention should be given to skin and health which gets affected by the colors.

During Holi, everyone spends a gala time together, especially with their family and friends. Starting from inviting guests to one’s place to making home-made traditional sweets, like Gujiya is very famous in every single household. And the main attraction of Holi is “colors”. In different parts of India, the colors are termed with different names, such as Gullal or Abir. holi1There are 10 tips which one should follow before getting oneself prepared for the festival of colors, which are listed below:-

 Holi Attires- One should wear the traditional Holi dresses which are white in color. For, white brings out the vibrancy of all other colors and looks good too. The holi outfits & dresses should be simple yet elegant, as well as funky and comfortable one. Try to go for full sleeves to keep your skin protected from the colors, like jackets or shrugs.holi 2 Applying Oil on Hair and Skin- One of the most important criteria is to look after your skin and hair. Apply coconut oil and body oil a fortnight before Holi on your hair and body respectively. The oil will keep you moisturize and will help you to rub off the color. applying oil to hairapply oil on skin Apply Dark Nail Paints- It is true that playing with colors makes our nails colorful too, so it is better to brighten them up beforehand. Try to apply the darkest color from the stock you have and then immediately after playing Holi as you get to freshen up remove the nail paints too. Apply the nail paints on both your hands and feet.nail Use Sun Screen- Holi happens to be in March and the Sun is right above our head on this day. Try to protect your skin from the UV Rays of the Sun by applying the sunscreen you have on your full body. Applying sunscreen protects the skin from both the sun and the colors. sun Carry Shades or Sunglasses- Staying for a long time under the sun directly is very tough for anyone. The best solution to such a problem is to put on a shade which will protect your eyes both from the sun and the colors.3 Try to play with dry colors and avoid water colors- Playing dry Holi is safe in many ways. On one hand, it keeps the process of color removal easy, on the other hand, one does not catch a cough and cold for playing with water a long time and staying in wet clothes. holi4 Be careful of the cuts and wounds- While playing with colors we get engrossed in too much enjoyment whereas we might forget about our cuts and wounds if there is any. Proper measures should be taken for them. If need be then put on a band-aid over the cut so that it is not open to colors.cut on hand

 Use natural and herbal colors- Playing Holi with different colors can really affect one’s skin. It is better to play with herbal and natural color which have no side effects on your skin and can be easily removable.

Organic-colours-for-Holi-e1460268858510 Keep oneself hydrated- During Holi as one take proper care of their hair and skin, in the same way, they should look after their health, and try to keep oneself hydrated by having plenty of liquefied products, such as water, juice, lassi, for having enough water keeps your skin healthy. juice Follow few natural homemade remedies- It is extremely important to wash your face occasionally while playing Holi, for it helps in keeping your skin moisturized. If possible then apply curd in between playing with colors which will also keep the skin moisturized. And even washing your hair with egg and curd makes your hair silky and acts as a good conditioner too.

Holi is such a festival which is enjoyed by all from 3 years to 80 years. Before indulging oneself in such pretty colors of different shades, it is important to take care of your skin, hair, and the traditional holi outfit you are in. Keep your dresses simple yet funky, which should be an amalgamation of western and ethnic look. Play with colors but play safe.

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